Gaming at max 1080P, that's what this beast does, and does very well, with massive overclocking potential, and plenty of storage for all of your games. Case was easy to build in, cable management was a breeze, there was only a few issues, when placing the SSD's so far away from the HDD you have to use multiple power cables, even though the cables support up to four drives, they are not long enough, another issue was with the GPU and the SATA ports, i would highly recommend installing all drives and sata ports connectors before installing the GPU as it covers up the connectors. The final possible issue with this build is with the liquid CPU cooler, it is a very tight fit between the front of the case and the Blue cable management bar that is in the case, i tried getting a photo of how close it is, it will fit, just very snug. Other than those few things i have had no issues with this build, everything has worked as expected, it posted on the first try, and there were no issues since then(other than with Microsoft customer support, since i was using their free OS upgrade program, i did not purchase windows 10 directly). I hope that my build may help/inspire/or be the future rig for anyone, BUILD ON!

P.S. the Blue LED's seen in the photos are not part of the list since i got them from one of my brothers old builds, i do not know the brand, or model, so i did not include them in the parts list, and yes i know im using duct tape to hold it in there, im trying to find a better solution for that, any ideas are welcome in the comments

P.S.S. yes i know that im lazy and didnt capitalize my "i"s in this description. have a good day! :)

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Great temperatures, one of the crews for mounting the block required most of my body weight in order to thread, longer posts would be nice so that i wouldnt have to flex my MOBO just to get it to thread.

Operating System

well...its microsoft, but good as far as their OS go

Wireless Network Adapter

VERY FAST works great

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