This is my first PC, and to be honest, my old laptop was awful. It was a 2012 mid-range (at the time for a laptop), with a 2012 i5 (I do not know which gen), no graphics, and was heavier than most gaming laptops (5 Lbs!)

Upgrading to a great PC was a goal of mine for a while, and I finally did it. Here are the parts with my reviews.

Accessories These are all good, the keyboards good but did start in BIOS mode, a quick fn + f10 (not sure exactly just google it) fixed it.

Overall Thoughts Beastly PC, runs everything >60fps on 1080p. Just hard to build. (For a newbie)

Part Reviews


Great CPU, however isn't as "future proof" as the other parts. Just get the 2600X if you can.


Don't buy it, I bought it as the part I would cut corners on to pay for the others, and it wasn't bad, but not good. The 3 PCIE slots turn to 2 once you put in the gfx card on top (bottom covers the power cables), and I had to use the last x8 slot for the wifi card. Just get the one from them with wifi (just search this mobo on amz, you'll find it as a variation)


It's RAM no complaints, other than wishing I bought the Trident Z RAM seeing as its the same price.


Very fast, <10 sec boot times.


Good, however some on AMZ have apparently gotten the M001 Model, which had a >30% failure rate.

Video Card

Wasn't expecting to get it, I was meant to buy the the SC 3.0 Black Edition, but broken card prices made it rise higher than this one at the time of purchase, so I went with this better card.


Pretty damn good, but the lack of organized screws and a poorly made manual made it the 2nd hardest part of the building.

Power Supply

Is good, but is hell on earth to set up, the poor manual didn't help as the mobo's manual barely allowed us to know which goes where. If you know PC's though, you'll be fine.


It's a great keyboard, but not mechanical. Also started in BIOS mode and had to fix.


Best mouse I ever used.


You can easily feel the extra 75hz on this thing, its glorious. No display port tho :(.


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Nice part choices. Used the same NVME drive in a friend's build. How has it been for you? I'll bet the airflow in that case is killer good.

  • 14 months ago
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Oh the NVMe is amazing, boot times are >5 seconds. Transfer speeds from my NVMe to HDD peaked at 20gbs a sec! The airflow is godly, meaning water cooling is unnecessary, however its a dust magnet. If you built this thing, get a duster and prepare to dust to front filter 3 times a day.

  • 13 months ago
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Just bought the same mobo with a Ryzen 5 2600, and a RX 570 8GB. Did the mobo come bios updated out of the box for the Ryzen 5 2600? Nice build btw!

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Yes, all b450 mobos are made for ryzen's second gen stuff. (Not first gen from what I know) Its the b350s you would have to worry about.

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I read your review on the mobo. NEVER, and I mean NEVER, cut corners on the motherboard.

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5 lbs? Mine weighs 6.63 lbs,

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Good for you, however my point there wasn't to say how heavy it is, thus bad. It was that it ran poorly and weighed more than most gaming laptops. If your laptop ran as bad as mine, I genuinely feel bad for you.

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Mine is actually pretty decent An i7-4720HQ 12 GB of DDR3-1600 1.5 TB of mechanical storage Intel HD graphics 4600 and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M 2 GB

If my parents will let me, I’m thinking of putting in an SSD to speed it up

Edit: they won’t because they think it’s too much work :(