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May I present to you my latest Build in the gorgeous Corsair Crystal 570X! If you haven't already, consider checking out the BUILD VIDEO to see the whole thing coming together!

It's a Corsair themed Build featuring an OCed Ryzen 7 2700 @ 3.9GHz and a Zotac RTX 2070 AMP Edition (which PCPP doesn't have for some reason). The Budget was around 1600 Bucks. Check the Pictures for some synthetic Benchmarks. I didn't have enough time with the system to do some game testing unfortunately. It's mostly going to be used for 1440p gaming, some video and audio editing and won't see any higher clocks than now in it's lifetime.

Quick take on the Parts and why I chose them!:

AMD Ryzen 7 2700: DE US UK
I haven't done an Intel Build for quite some time, and I really wanted to... But considering that this Build isn't only meant to be used for gaming, but for some Video/Audio Editing as well I choose the R7 2700 and clocked it to 3.9 GHz. I think I don't have to say much about it, its perfect for the build and offers amazing bang for the Buck as well as cheaper Mobos than Intel.

Corsair H60 (2018) 120mm Liquid Cooler: DE US UK
The Build was supposed to be watercooled, simply for aesthetic reasons, but the Budget was already a bit flexed. That's were the H60 2018 Revision came in more than handy. At 60$ you're paying paying pretty much the same price as for a Dark Rock 4, even though it might not match it in performance with its tiny 120mm Radiator, it's still performing incredibly well and silent. IMO it was quite a good choice, because I would have run into clearance Issues, trying to install a 240mm at the top of the case.

I love the Asus Strix boards. I love their design, their build quality, their BIOS and the amount of features they offers for the money. At 120 Bucks you get a X470 looking board, without giving up anything. Especially the pre-mounted back I/O is a small but great touch.

Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB 3000MHz: DE US UK
What can I say. Corsair makes good and reliable RAM, and the Vengeance RGB Pro simply looks AMAZING. You have to see it in person to appreciate how beautiful this piece of tech is.

Samsung 970 Evo 250 GB M.2-2280 SSD: DE US UK
Quick NVME SSD, not much to say, quicker and cleaner looking than most M.2, you could ofcourse safe some money here if you wanted.

Seagate Barracuda 2 TB 3.5" 7200RPM: DE US UK
Some space.

Zotac RTX 2070 AMP Edition: DE US UK
This was my first time, using a Zotac Card and I was really looking forward to it. I always thought they looked great and seemed to perform really well. TBH I was a bit disappointed in it. It performed great and stayed quite cool, even with only the Dual Fan Design, but the whole card looked and felt cheaper than I thought it would.

Corsair Crystal 570X RGB ATX Mid Tower: DE US UK
First of all: It looks * amazing. It has a really quite Quality Look to it, at least from the outside. But that's where it ends. Cable Management, for a full view case is simply stupid, the whole thing seems rushed. You have to buy an extra part to completely close the PSU Shroud, so if you order the case only, you can simply look through the PSU Shroud.
The Backside doesn't have enough latches to wire the cables to, and there are no holes directly beneath the Mainboard to feed the I/O cables through. It's simply stupid. You can't really use this case without a Modular PSU, and there is not enough clearing space at the top for a 240mm Radiator with most RAM.

Yes it is a great looking Case, the price would be fine as well. You really can make it looks good, I think I did. But it simply takes WAY TO MUCH WORK TO DO SO.

be quiet! Pure Power 10 CM 600W: DE US alternative UK
My go to PSU. They have incredible reliability, peak quality, run extremely silent and have great cables.

Corsair SP120 RGB: DE - UK
At last I got one additional Fan of the ones that are pre-installed in the 570X. They look good, run really silent, especially considering that the Case is OPEN, but are not quite as beautiful as the ML/LL 120/140 RGB Series fans, IF you can spare some more I'd really exchange the SPs for those

Overall I love how this build turned out. It was quite a lot of work but it's so, so beautiful. In case you're wondering, I added the Amazon Links because it hurt's no one and often PCPP Prices are inaccurate.

Don't forget to check out the Video, and ask me about anything you wanna know! Thank you for reading!


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  • 13 months ago
  • 2 points

Oh my god! You wanna do karate in the garage? I was literally thinking of my first build and I was going to use almost the exact same list! Great minds think alike lol

  • 13 months ago
  • 2 points

Corsair makes some awesome components. I wish I had went with Corsair instead of cooler master, but cooler master was cheaper for me.

  • 13 months ago
  • 1 point

Mhh, yeah, I'm not enough of a fan to do a dedicated coolermaster build thinking.... But I did do a full bequiet build some days ago! I'm really into such brand focused builds :)

  • 13 months ago
  • 1 point

You could probably get a better air cooler for the same price, but of course that doesn't look as cool. +1

  • 13 months ago
  • 1 point

Hahaha, yes I know. I showed the guy I built for, the H60 and a Dark Rock 4 and he was like: "Well the Liquid Cooler looks way better, there you go" xD

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