Deus Vult Brothers!

Welcome to the Templar's Guild PC. This was a PC that I had built for a client (my friend Ben). Ben does multimedia creation i.e. music, video, etc.

CPU The I7-7800X is a very nice piece added to this build. Ben decided to get the 7800X because he would be multitasking a lot. And it gives him some room to overclock. Not too bad trying to install this since it was my first time doing a LGA2066 mb.

Cooler Ben really loves Corsair and what better way to celebrate that than an AIO. The H60 was a nice touch since he wanted water cooling. Though the placement of the motherboard and the case made it a little hard to install. I installed it on the top and it sort of blocked the other fan mount. I was able to fix this by just screwing the other fan in. In the end it worked.

Thermal Paste He just wanted extra. We ended up using the H60 thermal compound that was already on it.

Motherboard The X299 Raider is an AWESOME motherboard. I loved working on it. We filled every RAM slot it had and had left room for expansion as the M.2s. The USB Type C port it comes with is really great as well.

RAM Corsair flying here again! He went with black here so it blended in with the motherboard. The 8 sticks of 8GBs of RAM was decided on for 2 reasons; to be a meme, since our friends at most had only 16GBs and because of his multimedia making and gaming that he would be doing.

Storage 128GB SSD because well SSD. It mostly is being used for the OS and some files. The 2TB drives are set in Raid 0. My decision on that one. Thinking back I should've set it to Raid 1 for redundancy so he doesn't lose the contents he makes. But i still feel that Raid 0 was better in this scenario.

Graphic Card The GTX 1080 DUKE is amazing. It looks amazing, It runs amazingly. It was my first time holding and building with one and it was Glorious.

Case and Case Fans Back again with the Corsair. Based on looking at the case and fans you could tell why its called the Templar's Guild. He really wanted the red/white scheme to pop out that's why the motherboard and RAM were black. Very nice case not much problems in it. Cable management wasn't too bad,

Power Supply Are the Corsair jokes funny yet? Fully-Modular 750W and Gold Certified. Got it for a good deal through Newegg so that's why we got it. Plus it leaves room for expansion.

Sound Card, Surround Sound and Heaphones My favorite part about this build. The sound card was a decent buy but the speakers are the best in combination with it. When I did the initial test of the system I put the subwoofer (yes a subwoofer, that came with the speakers) and the speakers on a night stand. Tested out some music of differing genres that he liked and Oh My God. The sub was shaking my room. Sound quality was also nice on the headphones as well noise canceling and very crisp. Also Red and White. I completely recommend getting the speaker set in this build.

Wifi Card Router downstairs. His room is upstairs. Enough said.

Monitors Dual monitors FTW. These monitors almost couldn't fit his desk. By the way he is going to build a new desk soon. They look nice only complaint is there is no display port.

Mouse and Keyboard The mouse was complex for me. The only reason why is because of how fast its can move. It has 5 DPI settings. Slowest, slow, normal (which I recommend), fast and the speed of light. I tried gaming on the fifth setting and I did fairly well after I got used to its speed while testing. Keyboard was great, both Ben and I loved it. White backlit mechanical keyboard. The setup for the key lights was semi-simplistic if you enjoy 3 keystrokes for one command, then clicking the same key 7 times to get the color you wanted. Clicking it 7 times gave him the white color on the keys. The keys were set to Red and white. Funny huh? keyboard also comes with a USB port as well which I think is nice.

Mousepad Very Corsair Much Long. So long that it goes off the desk by an inch.

Overall great build. Loved building it and Ben loves playing on it. Gratias tibi pugnes. Thank you brother

Part Reviews


Quality processor. Definitely would build with it again.

CPU Cooler

Love the small design.


Possibly the best mother I've built with.


Very fast RAM and works very well


Very fast Read/Write times


Put into Raid 0 and works fine.

Video Card

Absolutely amazing!

Sound Card

Sound quality was great


Very lengthy which was great


The best speakers and sub I have ever used

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  • 29 months ago
  • 3 points

Looked up Deus Vult in search bar and wasn't disappointed, 10/10 would Deus Vult again.

  • 28 months ago
  • 1 point

i love finding memes in pcpp, 10/10 would pick a pc again

  • 28 months ago
  • 1 point

i love finding memes in pcpp, 10/10 would pick a pc again