This was my first PC build. I was going to structure it around an i5, but when Ryzen 5 hit the scene I couldn't resist AMD's new hotness.

I went with the 1500x because it hit the sweet spot between performance and price, along with a Radeon RX 480 to take advantage of that sexy CPU - GPU synergy.

This build was challenging but never overwhelming. There were zero "oh crap" moments and only a slightly elevated rate of swearing. It was mostly pleasant and rewarding. I wasn't expecting that, since my technical prowess falls somewhere between a housecat and a pet rock.

I took a few photos along the way to share with friends, so I figure I might as well post them up here and share my experiences with all these expensive computer-y bits.

Part Reviews


Eight threads for approximately $250 Canadian is hard to match. It's plenty fast for my needs so I haven't boosted it, though AMD's software looks great.

The only issue I ran into was temperature. With the stock cooler the 1500x would idle at around 50, and it would soar past 70 under load. Too hot.

I adjusted fan curves and now it sits cool and pretty quiet at roughly 40 when idling, and never goes above 65 under load. That's still hot, but I suspect it's the limited airflow in the Styx case more than anything. Anyway, an AIO cooler is on the wish list.


One of the few AM4 mATX boards around when I bought. No real complaints, it has a really premium feel and (most importantly) many shiny red LEDs. I would love to see another fan header, but it's fine.

Setup was a little bumpy. Had a bit of trouble posting with both sticks of ram in place. A-XMP didn't work for me, but I chalk that up to this being a newer piece of hardware. I could only get my ram up to 2667Mhz. (Though I briefly got it up to 2933 with just a single stick in place.) MSI assures me that future BIOS updates should address this.


It is ram. As mentioned I had trouble getting it to play nice with my MSI B350M Gaming Pro, but it works just fine.


This is a beautiful little case! I had a great experience building in it. I love how you can basically deconstruct the whole thing.

Couple of notes:

I dig the atypical layout of this case. (Though I'd be lying if I said the unavoidably upside-down GPU doesn't bug me slightly.) Airflow logic seems a little odd... I picked up two case fans and installed them as intake on the top, which dropped the temps a few degrees.

I removed the hard drive mount panel which runs across the front of the case and window. It was ugly, and I don't need that many drives.

That means I had to install my 2.5 in the back, where there's only about 10mm of room to work with. The first time I closed up the back panel the whole thing bulged out. Which was totally functional, but bugged me. In fact closing up that panel was probably the trickiest bit of the build. I did NOT have flat power cables. I recommend them.

I was not a fan of the six billion little screws required for disassembly. Be very careful with using too much force, these things look like they'd strip if you sneezed on them. Not a big deal, just fiddly.

My main beef: why not a full-sized window?

Power Supply

It's cheap, it's blue, it's efficient, it's fine. But I am removing a star for the placement of the power plug jack... which is very close to the on-off switch, meaning it's almost impossible not to have the cable itself press said switch when you plug it in. Problematic, but I made it work.

Case Fan

They push air like a champ.


I once mocked curved monitors. "What's the point? What a gimmick!" said naive old me. And I sort of had a point when it came to televisions. There's no advantage that I can see if you're sitting six feet away.

But in a desktop monitor? View angles are everything. Flat monitors look strange now. This guy also has excellent colour, clarity, and features (Freesync inclusion is very appreciated.)

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  • 35 months ago
  • 2 points

great build

  • 35 months ago
  • 1 point

Thank you!

  • 17 months ago
  • 2 points

That PSU worries me a bit. At least it's not a Logisys or Coolmax, but it's also pretty dangerous. Even if it;s fine now, it'll probably die earlier than good-quality Corsair/EVGA/Seasonic power supplies. And when it fails, it'll likely take your PC with it. As in, kill all of the parts inside.

This is not aimed JUST at you, but rather anyone I see using a crap PSU. Too many people pay a lot for a PC and decide to trust a crap unit, because they think if it works it will work fine. But there's more to the funtion than just "it works." There's the quality of the components inside, and if they are bad quality, when they die, they might do some bad things. Keep that in mind.

Otherwise, +1.

  • 1 month ago
  • 1 point

Yes the PSU has turned out to be the weak spot in this build. No major issues but occasional crashes, going to upgrade shortly.

  • 1 month ago
  • 2 points

Good, good. The rest of the build is nice, so don't take it as an insult. Take it as advice. You won't believe how many people I see make that mistake.

(Translation: A lot.)

  • 35 months ago
  • 1 point

dont worry about the temperatures beacuse ryzen x cpus have a 20 c offset so it runs at 30c idle and load 50c

  • 35 months ago
  • 2 points

Afaik that only applies to the 1800x, 1700x and 1600x. Definitely not the 1700 and 1600. I am not sure about the 1500X. Couldn't find any specific info. Just saying.

  • 35 months ago
  • 3 points

i searched about it since i want to get a 1500x and it on the forums i've read that every x cpu has a 20 c offset

  • 35 months ago
  • 1 point

I've heard what mapegl reported too, that there was no temperature offset for the 1500x. I haven't dug too deep. It's fine if there isn't because the included Wraith is pretty great.

But man I hope you're right and there is an offset. I'd be very pleased with 30c / 50c on that stock cooler! Time to boost. :)

  • 23 months ago
  • 1 point

I run mine OC 3.9GHz idle:35C load:71C. On the stock cooler BTW

  • 28 months ago
  • 1 point

Move off of that PSU. NOW.

A Corsair 2017 budget PSU will do miles better than that Raidmax.