I chose each part with color and performance in mind aside from the PSU which I already had.

This build is for gaming and streaming at 1080p 60FPS. It hasn't failed me yet. The Only issue I have had was the first Motherboard I ordered died after 40 days. Newegg was "speedy" and got me a replacement in 2 weeks. Gigabyte, however, refused to give me an RMA ticket for it saying that it must have died because of having too much power fed to it, which makes no sense at all. But! I did get the replacement and the entire thing is working beautifully and without fail. I fully intend on creating a custom cooling loop for it in the future and I have even modded the case myself by drilling on the top panel and creating a space for a second 120mm/140mm fan or a 240mm/280mm radiator and also drilling in some holes in the bottom floor toward the front of the case to mount a pump/reservoir. The two Kraken coolers and the Kraken G12 were birthday presents from the wife and have given me adequate cooling and performance boosts. After benching my CPU, GPU and RAM with several different benching utilities, I have come to understand that this builds only weakness, as it stands, is the lack of 4 channel dimm usage and the lack of a M.2 Boot Drive both of which I plan to rectify soon.

In order to afford this build, I purchased each piece as I could afford it, starting with the most expensive first.

Upgrades yet to come: 2080 super GPU 2 more stick of ram (ddr4 3200mhz) for a total of 64GB bigger/better SSD's custom cooling loop

Part Reviews


Has exceeded all my expectations and even runs better with the cooler I have on it. Zero complaints and I have many nice things to say about it. For this having been my first ever AMD anything, and me coming from an old 4th gen core i5 and me being a staunch Intel boy, I am blown away. The absolute monster that is the Ryzen series of CPU's has completely won me over. I still like Intel, but boy oh boy do I fully trust in AMD now. I will definitely be using more Ryzen CPU's in the future.

CPU Cooler

Apart from the sound it can put out... this is an A+ product. Coupled with the Kraken G12 it has kept my RTX 2070 over performing and I love that!


No complaints. The first board I got died after 40 days but I think it had a defect from the factory because once I got my second one (from Newegg as Gigabyte refused to RMA it) there was a noticeable performance jump. For this being a lower end board for the x570 chipset family, I can only assume that the higher tier are much better, this thing is amazing.


I plan to buy another 32GB for my build so as to get a full 4 dimm usage and boost my performance some more.


Boots my Windows 10 OS up in about 13 seconds.


Runs my five or so games that I keep on it well.


Performs as well as any 5 year old HDD should be expected to perform.


The top panel could and should fit a second fan. I modded mine with a drill and some very precise measurements to do just that. and also modded the floor plate for a custom loop pump mount.

Power Supply

The thing has handled three builds and shows no sign of quitting.

Operating System



Wish I had 144hz monitors but hey... 75hz works fine for now... not sure why it only shows 60hz as my NVIDIA control panel shows me that both my monitors have a 75hz refresh rate option... so yeah.


Oh BABY! This thing is sexy. This thing is robust. This thing is just a dream. It's smooth, accurate, has a phenomenal response time. The ability to customize each LED and create your own custom look is out of this world amazing. I love this Keyboard and recommend that you buy.


Super responsive, high performing, and superbly tweak-able. If you are looking for a top notch mouse and don't want to spend a fortune then get this.


Absolutely needs a firmware update to keep the microphone working properly. The driver installation and firmware update was a nightmare to deal with. Once I got everything settled, however, the headset works just fine. The mic will sometimes not work after flipping it up and you have to flip it up and down a few times to make it work again.

External Storage

Storage for all my old DVD and Blu Ray rips.


Paired with the Kraken x42 on my GPU... this is an excellent combo and works great.


It keeps up with my Ryzen like I never expected. I'm very happy with it so far.


Apart from not having SLI support on any 2070 card NVIDIA could do with a good looking into wht the RTX portion of the RTX 2070 is nowhere near the RTX or even the near sister of the 2070 super. Basically this is a 1080 super (between a 1080 and 1080ti)

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