Went for inexpensive quality for my first build. This is a console killer for $450. I do plan on adding an RX 570, doubling the RAM, adding more storage and case fans, and upgrading from the stock cooler in the future. for anyone wondering how well a setup like this could actually run, my answer would be quite well. With the APU overclocked to 3.8 GHz and the RAM at 3000 MHz, it does fine. My monitor is 1280x1024 and I get 115+ fps in CS:GO high settings, 60+ in Fortnite, and it pushes out solid 40s in Minecraft with a heavy shader pack (Sildur's Shaders Vibrant High on OptiFine).

2/23/19 UPDATE: Added an optical drive and a new keyboard I got for free. Works nicely.

7/14/19 UPDATE: By this time, I've added an RX 580 and nicer peripherals including a 1080p monitor, and I have not been disappointed. Good performance in pretty much all the games I play at medium high settings.

Part Reviews


Best APU on the market, bar none. Good performance for graphics in a solid CPU that will allow a graphics card later (will keep up with an RX 590). Great little chip with a solid cooler that was easy peasy to install. I also enjoyed the little holographic stickers it came with. Nice touch. Overclocked to 3.9 on the stock cooler with no issues.


Great inexpensive motherboard for my first build. Simple layout, 4 DIMMs, AURA RGB control, easy BIOS and overclocking, and a B450 chipset for less than $85 is a no-brainer. Easy installation of everything and the black design looks beautiful. My only complaint is that the manual wasn't as helpful as I expected.


Wanted 16 GB at first, but to stay on budget I went down to 8 and was able to treat myself to some RGB. The price is right, but 8 GB in dual channel at 3000 MHz is nothing to mess with, not to mention the beautiful design; looks so much better in person. The RGB is very easy to control with AURA.


Great inexpensive little SSD. Enough storage for Windows and quite a few programs, files, and games. It's not super fast, but gives solid SSD performance that makes my system feel quite snappy.


Perfectly good SSD for the price. Super easy to install as expected, runs snappily, and includes a heatsink. What's not to love?

Video Card

Got this card used for $130 on eBay. Works great, solid bang-for-buck experience. This may just be mine, but at high to max fan speed, one has an annoying loud clicking sound. I've tried cleaning and it seems to just be an issue.


Beautiful tempered glass, a PSU shroud, dust filters, and plenty of room in a mid-tower case for under $40 was a no-brainer. Manual wasn't super clear, and screws were unsorted, but it works great and I love the look. UPDATE: I've brought it down to 4 stars as the screws on the glass panel strip very easily and one is completely unusable. Overall nice case, but the construction is not 5-star.

Power Supply

Underrated power supply. Plenty of juice for a lower-end or APU build. and the black sleeved cables look great. It's not modular, but in a case with a PSU shroud, that's no problem. Easy operation and good looks for $30 from EVGA is a killer deal. Currently powers my RX 580, Ryzen 5 2400g combo with zero issues.

Optical Drive

Got it for free. Not the fastest or prettiest, but it reads disks.

Wireless Network Adapter

Can't complain. Plug-and-play, fast, inexpensive, and isn't ugly.

Case Fan

Never been a huge red guy (never been a huge guy period), but grabbed these arbitrarily to get some airflow and lighting in my build. They're not super quiet but some BIOS fan tuning did the trick. Hey, they light up and they keep everything nice and cool. No complaints there.


Got my Strafe like new for $60 from a friend, and it absolutely blows me away. The brown switches are glorious, and I've spent hours tuning the RGB to my taste.


An inexpensive, comfortable, light mouse with nice bright RGB, on-the-fly DPI switching, and nice switches. What more do you want?


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How does it run the games?

  • 11 months ago
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With the APU overclocked to 3.8 GHz and the RAM at 3000 MHz, it does fine. My monitor is 1280x1024 and I get 115+ fps in CS:GO high settings, 60+ in Fortnite, and it pushes out solid 40+ in Minecraft with a really heavy shader pack and animations. I do plan on getting a discrete GPU, but for now, this works just fine.

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when you say 40+ and 60+ do you mean fps? excuse my noobiness.

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Yes, sorry if that wasn't clear.