This is a build a long time in the making. A very good friend of mine wanted to upgrade his machine from the pre-2010 rig to a modern video processing unit. He's a freelance Director, Video Editor and all those other jobs one has to take up when freelancing. 4K was an absolute must and I believe this should easily take care of 8K with the 1080 Ti.

The obvious issue of Crypto Mining and inflated GPU prices held this build back for a little while. And of course we did the rookie error of ordering the cooler and not the mounting bracket so come build day we were left bewildered in our stupidity. Still, ordered off Amazon along with a wireless adapter (something not originally specified) and the following week we wrapped up the build.

And the Coolermaster case need some minor tweaking to fit the 1080 Ti in, photos show the needed tweak of bending a metal bracket out of the way of the fans.

Issues installing and activating Windows occurred, though were resolved and I monitored temps, speeds and all that jazz for a day and came to the conclusion that all is as it should be. Oh, and now I really want an m.2 drive for my own build.

Final note, all prices do include the UK tax (VAT) rate already applied along with additional postage where necessary.

Part Reviews


I would like to declare that I'm now officially a Ryzen fanboi. Love this new generation of CPUs from AMD. Ryzen 7 absolutely walloped the limited tasks I managed to test it with (CPU-Z benchmarking and Cinebench CPU: numbers comparable to those readily available online already). The only shame about this build is that the parts where purchased just before the Ryzen 2 gen came out and thus, the price point is a little high now. Still, its a Ryzen 7 1800X CPU, it wont go old overnight and it will easily mince through the tasks thrown at it for the time being.

Downside is no CPU cooler included, especially at this price point and the fact that the box came with the space just empty (waste of packaging!). Still, for what this build will be asking of the CPU getting a 3rd party cooler is definitely worth it.

CPU Cooler

Easy to mount (if using Ryzen make sure to order the mounting bracket either by purchase or from Noctua for free). A quiet and nice CPU cooler. Felt very sturdy when on the motherboard and kept temperatures in the sub 30s when idle. Underload, didn't seem to notice much increase in noise though the case fans may have helped drown that out. Would highly recommend and with this second Noctua fan installed by myself, they are quickly becoming one of my favourite brands.


So far (from minimal testing) a nice motherboard. Surprised me with the inclusion of two USB 3 ports which in the end were required. Yeah the RGB features are nice and flashy, but for what this build is made for, a bit irrelevant and will most likely be turned off/hidden inside the case.

The Bios/UEFI required a mouse to really operate which was frustrating having only a keyboard at the time. And after altering the XMP profile to fully utilise the DDR4-3000 speed, it shut itself down a couple of times which was very disconcerting.

Overall, a solid motherboard, does all required of it with more room to upgrade in the future.


At the end of the day, its RAM. But there's ram and then there's RAM, am I right? Fantastic build quality, great performance and look cool to boot. Although the aesthetics have no baring on performance and in this build, will most likely be never seen, for the photos included = badass, aha.


Would've liked more storage, but more storage = more money. At the time of purchase Graphics Cards were still stupidly high above RRP so money needed to be saved elsewhere. This drive is only going to be used as a boot drive along with some more important programs, main storage is handled by a 2TB HDD and an SSD will be making its way into this build by the end of the year.

Video Card

I don't know really what to put here. I've never built with a 1080 Ti, and before this build, never thought I would. Main reason for that, cost. For my usage of my own build's 1050 Ti, a 1080 Ti would be simply overkill. Though this build required the ability to render in 4k and if could be done, 8k, and render a lot faster than the old machine it was to replace, so a 1080 Ti was the only choice. Yes yes, Titan would've been a good option as well, but money is still an issue.

Unfortunately purchased during the time of Crypto Mining, this was never going to be cheap. Fortunately this is going to be utilised for freelance video editing and so the outlay vs the income it will be used to help generate outweighs the one time purchase. And should this ever become slow, SLI it! Aha.

As for temps, speeds, testing etc, brief testing with Unigine, Cinebench showed the expected results made readily available across the Internet so I'm not going to bore you with endless numbers. That being said, I will get back with a few real usage tests once they've been completed with rendering times and 4K/8K export times at a later date.


This was built for a friend who had specific requests. He had a previous CM case that came with a hotswap drive bay as part of the top shelf. This did not though makes up for it with a very durable case, some great hard drive adjustable bays, plenty of space to mount that all important cooling and good rear panel space to hide away cables.

What knocks it down a star isn't the missing hotswap, it is the fact that getting the front two screws on the 3.5" drive bays is ridiculously difficult, so much so, I didn't bother with the Blu-Ray Drive. And also, the larger graphics cards would need some slight alternation to a mounting bracket to fit them in (see photos).

Power Supply

Another fantastic modular PSU from EVGA. Cannot recommend them enough to anyone looking at PSUs. Yes yes, its just a PSU and all it needs is to supply the power, but EVGA provide that with a very professional looking packaging which just helps, as the customer, feel well catered for.

Optical Drive

It's a Blu-Ray Drive! Plays blu-rays despite Windows's best efforts not to. Haven't tried writing disks yet.

Wireless Network Adapter

Not the fastest out there, but does the job. Comes with an aerial stand if having the two poles sticking out the back isn't your thing. Easy install (plug'n'play) with Windows handling everything.


Was extremely surprised at how well this device worked. As part of the required specs to have a hotswap bay readily available, this device came with an additional 2 USB 3.0s and support older 3.5" drives as well as the 2.5" drive hotswap for a very reasonable price. Admittedly, it didn't feel as sturdy as a traditional 3.5" bay such as the DVD drives (floppy anyone?) but once installed, it worked perfectly with Windows recognising everything. Would recommend to anyone who is constantly swapping drives in and out of media equipment into caddys and back.


You need this to install Ryzen CPUs on some motherboards. Order one.

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  • 20 months ago
  • 2 points

Looks good! I would turn the cpu cooler 90 degrees counter-clockwise. That would give the case better air flow since the cpu cooler would blow directly into your exhaust fan. Would also allow for the hot air to leave the case easier.

  • 20 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll take a look into it and advise my friend. Currently the CPU cooler is blowing air through the radiator not sucking it through so exhausts out of the top of the case. I would like to add another fan to the Noctua block to aid in this since it can take another fan, but this unfortunately will have to wait for a little while now.

  • 20 months ago
  • 2 points

New and reliable components - is what you need for editing. This hardware looks good.

  • 20 months ago
  • 1 point

WHy isnt the gpu on the top slot?

  • 20 months ago
  • 1 point

I was wondering the same thing, but those all look to be 3.0 x16 or x8 slots, so I don't think it matters that much.

  • 20 months ago
  • 1 point

Yeah all the slots are the same so it didn't matter really. That being said, my thought process was to try and leave a bit more of an air flow area for the CPU so went for a bottom placement with the GPU.

  • 12 months ago
  • 1 point

Hey awesome build! I have a sample 8K clip(2GB-nothing exciting), Could I ask you to test out this build exporting 8K footage? My computer can edit in 8K(slow and choppy but still able to) but cannot export in davinci resolve. I am trying to export 8K h265 for youtube. I am looking at getting a build to do this, maybe yours it the right one! LINK-