Purchased parts are what I actually bought and all using, not purchased is more of add-ons and wish list type stuff. My first build, ever. Give me a guitar or the likes and I'm frickin rainman, make me wow a PC and I'm helpless. About 180 hours into parts research, 2 months of buying said parts, and a 2-3 weeks assembly and it's finally together. Actually installing parts was an hour or two, wiring it however almost caused a couple strokes. Couldn't believe it posted on the first attempt! I definitely need cable mods of some sort. Only thing is the case didn't come with the proper screws for mounting additional fans but not a huge deal. The video card came somewhat bent so it sags something awful. One ram stick posted at 3200 right away but the other is at 2933 and I have no idea how to fix that. I've never messed with a PC's bios before. I figured it how to play with CPU voltage and ram cas latency, but not the actual ram speed. Honestly looking at the bios for me is like another language. Would like to learn how to overclock at some point because its going to be for gaming/streaming, learning code, and maybe see if I'm any good at photo and video editing. Actually I'd like to dabble in pretty much everything, having grown up poor and never experiencing anything like this. I don't have a monitor yet, still deciding, so it's plugged in to the TV in my living room. At first I plugged the HDMI into the io shield, then plugged it into the graphics card. Yes, I'm the only grown adult that didn't know that. Frankly this thing is almost twice the price of my blazer ($600), and it's making me anxious. Pics tomorrow, long day.

Edit, I found an eBay seller that has (I believe) legit copies with keys of win 10 pro x64., The listing said they were licensed to sell it anyway, but I don't have home internet cause I just moved here a few months ago and haven't been able to register it online. Anyhoo, I got it installed without too much trouble, then installed the drivers for the Mobo and video card, and I'm happy as a clam. Also posted a pic with slightly better cable management. I suck at it, and my phone's camera sucks too.

Part Reviews


Abbreviations on the board are confusing for stupid people like me but it works.


One stick posted at 3200, the other at 2933, never heard of that before.

Video Card

The card came slightly bent so it sags like crazy. Otherwise good.


This freaking thing. Misread and didn't realize it was full tower size. Liked that I could remove all the internal 3.5s for airflow. Missing a set of screws for installing additional fans. Also missing the power led light neg and pos wires. Not great, not the worst.


Membrane, extremely light and flimsy. But it's cheap and has pretty lights.

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  • 16 months ago
  • 1 point

I did the same exact thing when I plugged my monitor hdmi into the mobo instead of the gpu, your'e not alone lol

  • 13 months ago
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Personally if i were a noob i wouldn't have spent so much on your PC because you would rather learn about your PC rather than pour loads of money into parts that you probably wouldn't utilise anyway. But if your happy with it then i cant say its bad because its a really good build overall.

But yes its quite clear you are a noob just from looking at the mismached parts and how varied in quality and choice they are! XD

  • 12 months ago
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The case isn't "missing" the power LED cables, it just doesn't have them because it's not meant to plug into the motherboard. The power LED is RGB and attached to the front RGB controller, you have to connect the SATA power cable.

  • 2 months ago
  • 1 point

I would also add, dont dock points of a case you regret picking. Its a big case because its a full tower. Next build go with a mid tower perhaps. The phanteks enthoo pro M is a good example and keeps most of the look from the full tower.