This was my first gaming build, although I have put two mini-ITX HTPC's together without any issues.

My goal was to keep the price down, see how far i can push the i3 and provide upgrade pathways for the future. The Z170 bios and CPU cooler enable me to overclock the cpu by about 20%, any more and it's glitchy, but i'm working on it.

Encountered a few problems. First was installing Windows 7 via USB. Apparently you need to patch the mouse and keyboard drivers onto the USB before installing with the Z170. To avoid the issue I put in an old Liteon DVD, and installed via that to pass the issue.

Also, the GPU default setting on the motherboard is to run the graphics off the PCI card, rather than use the onboard graphics. I put the GPU in but no screen - pull out the GPU, change bios to on board, put GPU back in, install its drivers and presto. It really makes me wonder about PC component builders, why set the default to the PCI card??

By the way, there is a button on the side of the R9 380 which glows red when engaged? Whats it for?

Regarding Windows 7, I figured that I would upgrade to Windows 10, which I did, but went back to 7 as Fallout 3 and many of my other games didn't run. Is windows 10 worth it?

Overall it runs quiet cool and fast and cant see myself needing to upgrade until I pay some serious cash to upgrade the 60 HZ monitor.

It took me ages to get the parts together and complete the build. Thank goodness for Kogan, MSY and

Part Reviews


Fantastic 2 core CPU that runs faster than most of the old i5's and i7's and overclocks on the ASRock to 4440.

CPU Cooler

Massive overkill so far. Only needed when overclocking.


Motherboard recognizes it as 2400, but can manually adjust it to 2666. I wanted faster memory for stable overclocking but price was ridiculously cheap (and included postage).


A little slower than most SSD's but the reliability is ok. First upgrade will be a M2 SSD

Video Card

Overkill for 60 Hz monitor. Love to try it at 144hz.


The drives cages don't hold them securely, they can slide out. Otherwise, cool and quiet.

Power Supply

Runs cool and quiet. Will last for years. PC only draws 400w max.

Operating System

I will stick with Windows 7 for now as Windows 10 has compatibility issues with games optimized for previous versions of Windows.

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Australian. Me too!

  • 45 months ago
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Wondering which bios you were using for the sky oc and where you got it from. Thank you!

  • 42 months ago
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Sorry for the late reply. It was the original bios on the board. If you update the bios, you lose the over clocking ability.