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1st ever pc Build (Ryzen)

by Jhazxo



Date Published

June 5, 2017

CPU Clock Rate


GPU Core Clock Rate


GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate



As the name says this is my first build (not really a creative name but idk what else to name it). Ive became interested in building a new PC when my laptop started slowing down and did not fufill my gaming needs. After having my laptop for 5 years i finally convinced my parents to build a new pc. They were hesitant at first since my brother built one and he started to neglect school which resulted in lower grades. I built my pc for school work and gaming making sure its future proof (definetly dont plan on over clocking right now).

My budget was less than $800 the lesser the better! i wouldnt have been able to build this without the sales. I got majority of my parts from micro center as they had good deals. i originally planned to get a Ryzen 1500x for $190, but at the time the Ryzen 1600 was on sale for $200 for more cores for $10 it was a no brainer! They also had a deal where if you buy a compatible mobo and cpu its $50 dollars off the mobo. Ram and HHD was on sale too, orignally going with a WD hhd but for $10 less i was able to get a similar hhd. Bought everything except for the gpu was going to get a rx580 4gb at microcenter but they were out of stock so went to best buy. I could had save on the psu..should have gotten a 600 watts but i dont plan on over clocking for now. (for those wondering how i got my parts prices, this excludes tax of course)

Ok starting from the build i was really nervous that i may screw up (nd i did but no parts were harmed :D). I got the cpu into the socket ez, phew. Then came the cpu cooler, i used the stock cooler but i decided to take it out again after installing it and move it which totally screwed up the thermal paste (idk what i was thinking). Not to mention the fact the cpu cooler was stuck to the cpu! i manage to get it off didnt break any pins (thankfully) and take off nd reapply thermal paste with ease. Besides this issue everything else was a breeze and was really fun to assemble. I thought it would be harder but its just matching the pins altbough my cable management is bad. I turned it on connect it to my monitor BIOS was easy to configure (probs going to have to upgrade it soon) felt accomplished that i actually did it and didnt break anything. Definetly would do it again.

For the performance, it runs great better than my laptop. Going to add some benchmarks and better pictures soon

Part Reviews


Got it on sale for $200, works well for my needs gaming + multi tasking


Has everything i need easy to install and connect pins


Its ram i got it in grey looks good works well


Boots up windows nicely, the prices is good for a sad


Its a hhd $10 less then a WD blue good budget hhd

Video Card

Great card kills most games i throw at it (dont do major gaming) but runs my games smoothly. Has a back plate good price


This case isnt bad works well for me, but i probs could have gotten a better case for the same price. Includes 3 fans pretty red color if going for a red color scheme. Cable managment could be better

Power Supply

Its not modular but it works great. I like the cables feels sturdy (then again im a noob at pc building)

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skulldriver101 1 point 16 months ago

hey. nice pc. i have that same case. may i recommend a few things to make it pop for a few extra bucks. add just some plain white led lights and tidy up your cables a bit. mine looks beautiful. get some Velcro wire ties they work great. i put my lights on the side panel so you cant see them.

Jhazxo submitter 1 Build 1 point 16 months ago

thank you :D Im not really too sure if im in love with the case but it was easy to work with. thanks for the advice currently not really trying to get an aesthetic look but for sure i will make the build more pleasing in the future (nd when i have $$). As for the cable, i know i have some but I'm not to sure where to start with fixing it up as i said its messy

IloveGTX1080 1 Build 1 point 16 months ago

Very, very good for the price. One of the best value for money builds I've ever seen, but I highly recommend getting 16 gb of RAM instead of 8 gb because it's sort of "bottlenecking" the power of the CPU. Great build, though, but it would be nice if you could upload pics of the interior so we could take a look at the cable management. It's pretty hard to see right now.

Jhazxo submitter 1 Build 1 point 16 months ago

Thank you~ Yeah i plan on adding more RAM but since the prices are high i think im going to wait till it goes down a bit. Going to get some more pics uploaded relatively soon..but golly my cables are messy they dont really mess with the parts but i have some to the right that are just jumbled up

skyrise 1 Build 1 point 13 months ago

Can you post the temps of your CPU and GPU?

I'm curious how XFX performs as a viable alternative to MSI and Sapphire.

Jhazxo submitter 1 Build 1 point 13 months ago

My room is pretty hot, in my room the cpu usually stays at 40c in my brother it stays at 30. As for the GPU stays around 30-40 in my room when i play overwatch it stays at 50. Ill double check my GPU