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9700K - RTX 2080 - Aorus Master Build

by jfisher256



Date Published

Feb. 6, 2019

CPU Clock Rate

3.6 GHz


Built a new PC after the holidays - - upgraded my entire previous system except the monitors/SSD/cooler. Was previously running an EVGA 1070 Ti FTW2 and decided to pull the trigger on a 2080 when I saw Newegg had a $60 off promo for the GIGABYTE 2080 Gaming OC. If your'e looking to upgrade an older GPU to a 20 series, I'd highly recommend the Gaming OC. Runs extremely cool and performs great for the price.

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Otterman366 13 Builds 4 points 2 months ago

you should definitely flip that front radiator fan (the one facing the inside). Both it and the front fan are going to be pushing into the radiator, meaning little to no air will actually get through, causing your temperatures to be higher. Also, the turbulence from the fans will cause a lot of noise.

It may look slightly nicer how it is, but it will perform way better if it is done correctly.

Also, is that sound card worth $200? I'm actually intrigued.

DasBloonts 2 Builds 1 point 2 months ago

I agree, actually did not even notice until you pointed it out. Good catch.

jfisher256 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 2 months ago

Oh yeah, I forgot to preface these pics were taken the day I completed the build. That fan is actually flipped the right way now. I hadn't removed it from my prior build when I took the pics...I thought about that as soon as I was uploading the images lol. But yes, your'e right.

Regarding the sound card - - is it worth $200? For most people, probably not. It's actually $250, but EVGA elite members can purchase for $199. I'm an audiophile and listen to music on my system daily, so I can somewhat justify the purchase. I originally purchased the Sound BlasterX AE-5, but ended up returning for the EVGA Nu Audio card. For those looking for a comparison, I think both are good cards - - I'd lean the AE-5 if your'e using more for gaming and the Nu Audio if your'e using more for music. I also wasn't a fan of the Sound Blaster Connect2 software. The EVGA audio software is light years better in my opinion. Has the same layout as the Precision X1

WPK_Tater 1 point 2 months ago

What does a sound card really do exactly????

DasBloonts 2 Builds 1 point 2 months ago

Exactly what it says, it improves the sound (audio) from the PC. Sometimes it will even make you hear new sounds in songs that you did not know were there before.

jfisher256 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 2 months ago

Enhances audio playback and provides a much crisper, clearer audio stream then on-board provides imo. Also have cleaner output and they give you the ability to use the other built in features that come with the card.

WPK_Tater 1 point 2 months ago

So it improves your audio but if I had a mic will it make it more clear

diypartsjoy 1 Build 2 points 2 months ago

+1 for the red.

Fyremoon65 2 points 2 months ago

The quality and sharpness of your photos drew me in. :D

Also, +1 for the clean cable management. Good job!

jfisher256 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 2 months ago

Much appreciated. It's a lot easier the second time around.

Alfredw13 2 points 2 months ago

That's a gorgeous PC

jfisher256 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 2 months ago


Yosuke27 1 point 2 months ago

I’ve been trying to figure out what brand RTX 2080 to buy. I’ve noticed the Gaming OC is the best bang for the buck.

Is the card running nice and cool under heavy load?

jfisher256 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 2 months ago

100%. I have had it about a month and haven't had the first issue with overheating. Would def agree that it's one of the best 2080 cards out value wise. I purchased during a Newegg shell shocker deal and it was $669.99

DeltaCream6 1 point 1 month ago

Im planning on buying a z390 master with a msi 2080 trio, should i stay with the aorus mobo or get the msi z390 ace to match the gpu? I heard that rgb fusion isnt good so can someone guide me to buy the better, thanks