So..always been a laptop user. Be it an HP, an Acer..what have ya. Want to see/hear some gasps, tell people you played World of Warcraft on a laptop, then tell them it was a touchpad. Some serious shock and awe right there lol.

Being on Xbox and finding Mixer made me buy a pre-made pc. Upgraded it like a madman. Nothing against Intel..except their prices. Heard AMD Ryzen was lesser known but making a stand. Respect that. That being said..made this puppy and it's only three days old but I dig it.

Went with a MSI board. The reviews were great on the motherboard I wound up grabbing.
Thanks to the "flash bios" button..two tries of it, I had a full functional motherboard with the newest Ryzen cpu. Beats dropping 250$ to 700$ on a x570 just to avoid a bios update and get one teeny tiny fan. Pass. I know I went a bit overboard on the psu but why not. Can never have too much power.

I haven't tested "all the games" yet for the fps spectrum. So far just Rust and I'm getting a solid 110 and I haven't fiddled with anything yet.

I do multi-task a lot and honestly I haven't seen the cpu usage go above 2%. No arguments from me.

First posting so not gonna get into all the excessive stuff. Enjoy though. :P (not my best pic)

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Up vote fellow Rust epic gamer!

  • 2 months ago
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noice but u have more close photos of it? i'm considering the case if not causing thermal throttle