This is an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X processor overclocked to 4.3 GHZ all cores via Ryzen Master, on a gigabyte Aorus X470 gaming 7 ATX Wi-Fi motherboard. With the BIOS re flashed to F42a. 16 GB of Adata RAM at 3300MHZ. The Cinebench score in the picture is not my best that is a run with no overclock. The Water cooling with two (2) Radeon Vega 64 water cooled graphics cards working in crossfire, A EK supremacy CPU water block and EK cooling pump. The cooling capacity is 50 oz of coolant. Custom hard line cooling system with a 360 mm radiator on the top and a 240mm radiator on the side. The Cooling loop reason and description: The large Reservoir sits above the second reservoir / pump. Coolant then goes directly down into a smaller Reservoir with the pump attached below it. So, this is all gravity-fed naturally (easy to fill). The pump output goes to the bottom graphics card and then up into the second graphics card, then is pumped up to the 360 millimeter radiator. My thinking behind this is, with two Radeon Vega 64 graphics cards that are pulling 250 watts of power each, also known to run hot and have big performance loss when hot, I wanted a reduction in coolant temperature before it went to the CPU. So, to further enhance the cooling, the 360 mm radiator on top is set up a push-pull fan with PWM board-controlled configuration, so that 360mm radiator has six fans on it. The coolant then is pumped into the CPU water block, cools the CPU that then goes the second radiator (240) that has two 120 mm PWM controlled fans it. Coolant then goes back into the primary reservoir after passing through that back to the pump. All in a custom Hydro dipped paint, Thermaltake View 71 RGB glass panel case. The custom hydro paint job. Was complete case tear down including drilling out the rivets and replanting with Allen bolts on reassembly. With EVGA factory custom wiring 1000 W EVGA power supply. 1 TB of storage, 500 GB on a gen. 3 M.2 SSD. 490 GB Kingston SSD and 240 GB on the Adata SU650 SSD. This build can accept 5 more drives 1 M.2 DDS and 4 open Stata drives. Full Control Fusion RGB lighting system.

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Amazing performance runs cool and almost kicks *** on my overclocked I9-9900k on Cinebench R-20 The Ryzen 7 CPU scores 4950 overclocked to 4.3 GHZ. The Intel Core I9-9900K overclocked to 4,998 GHZ scores 4985. I could unlock more head room on both chips with the custom cooling that is on them, but It's just to hard on my hardware.


FYI It's hard to update the BIOS because you make to the F32 then to the F35 then if you try to do the next change threw the Gigabyte software, it says no further update available. Go to the website and you find that the new Zen 3000 CPU's are to run with the F42a BIOS so I did it with my 7-2700X installed and did the update in the UEFI bios setup. I had a x470 Gaming 5 WIFI and it was great. When I started planning for the Ryzen 3000 I decited to go with the X470 since the X570 was new, unproven and expensive. This Board holds some records and I love this board.

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I have the View 71 case as well, love the custom paint and I bet that thing stays cool with all those fans. I comteplted on mount side fans as well but didn't want to spend extra money but mine stay cool, I also only have one GPU though lol. Link to my build: