This is my old build minus a few things plus a few others and custom loop watercooled. Loved working on it and learning how to bend PETG. If you have any questions about how things work just leave a comment and i should get to it within a few days :)

Part Reviews


Great little chip with more cores for the money than intel.

Thermal Compound

Good thermal paste from a brand i trust.


Good X470 board with lots of connectivity and sleek design.


It's ram, runs at 3200 on my X470 board


First SSD, just chilling in the back of my system. mostly for Blizzard games


Decently fast Steam drive, didn't know it was QLC when i bough it but it doesn't really matter for what i'm using it for.


Shucked WD whites for mass storage and backups.

Video Card

Bought this card used for $700. I overpaid for sure but the card performs exactly how i want, the stock cooler is whisper quiet and it overclocks past 2 GHz without breaking a sweat.


The best steel case ever. No exceptions.

Power Supply

overkill PSU for an overkill rig. Seasonic is arguably the best name in power supplies.

Operating System

Win 10 pro keys are a great deal on Ebay.

Case Fan

Overpriced fans, but the best RGB on the market right now.

Case Fan

quiet fans without that brown color.


Got two of these for $200 each at best $400 i've spent in a long time. Color reproduction is amazing and the size (though unconventional) is perfect for my desk.


The best 144hz 2k TN panel i've used so far. Wish i had money for an IPS.


Only waterblock i found that fits horizonally in my case. keeps the gpu cool, instructions were terrible though. (no instructions, tons of extra screws.)

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I'm not an expert, but i'd be glad to provide any input i can if you send me the link.

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So you're just looking to watercool your CPU?

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OK, a couple things. I wouldn't recommend going with that EK kit if you wanted to do hardline tubing. The fittings in the kit may not be compatible with the rigid tubing you chose.

another thing to keep in mind is what case you are using, the strix 2080 is HUGE. i was barely able to fit my pump/res in the o11 dynamic. (had to drill holes and move the radiator forward 2 cm to get it to fit) so you may run into issues there.

another possible issue would be the radiator size, now i'm sure a 240mm radiator is enough for a 9900k, but i also know they tend to run hot. you may want to see if you can fit a 360 rad (preferrably a PE like mine)

A BIG thing to look out for would be adding a method to easily drain your loop. custom watercooling maintenance is very important for longevity of your parts (which cost a ton). so adding a y splitter, and a ball valve would really make things easier for you.

So, without going for a kit i know it can be overwhelming to gather a list of things you need (i know, i did it.) here is a basic list of things i would say are necessary.

360mm radiator (EKWB PE) - -$87.99 pump/res combo (EK) ($159.99) tubing fittings (brand and size should match for leak safety) fluid distilled water (few gallons to flush system and leak test before draining and switching to premix) fill bottle (you'll need one) pipe cutting tool (you'll need one) deburring tool () Tubing bending insert (to keep the tubing from collapsing when bending) rotary Y splitter ball valve G1/4 plugs (4 should do it) a cheap barb fitting and some soft tube of the same size (to screw into your ball valve when draining)

now with this whole list there is an easier alternative, EK has a hardline series of kits that include most of what you would need.

just add the recommended tools (their DIY kit : a tube reamer (to remove sharp edges that can cause leaks) and some extra tubing (i went through 4.5 meters of it for my build... made a few mistakes. you will too)

and some stuff to place a drain somewhere y-splitter or T splitter of some sort - a male to male spacer (to mount ball valve to the y splitter) and a ball valve - I'd also add a plug to put in the ball valve when you aren't using it, just in case. -

another gotcha is pump/res mounting hardware, it looks like the kit comes with some, but not all kits do. It also looks like the kit is a DDC pump not a D5. DDC's tend to be louder than D5's and can't push as much water. Just something to be aware of.

sorry i know this reads like a train wreck. hopefully i helped more than i confused haha.