I use this PC for pretty much everthing, thus its name: a multitool. 1440p gaming and full HD video editing with Davinci Resolve are the heavy duty applications. I chose most components for a quiet and classy looking PC, with only one RGB accent, the graphics card. Mission accomplished I'd say!

Additional reviews for custom parts:

Storage 1: WD Black M.2 NVMe SSD 265GB I use this as my bootdrive, and for heavy work loads like video converting and 2017 triple A title gaming. Works flawlessly so far, same price as similar SSDs from Samsung. It's a little slower than Samsung, but it has a longer warranty which was the selling point for me.

CPU cooler: Alpenföhn Matterhorn Rev. C (white) I paid a little more for the cooler compared to other brands with similar specs, but it just looks sexy in my black & white build. Keeps my processor nice and cool (32° idle, ~57° when gaming). Mounting it wasn't exactly easy, I recommend to read the manual very carefully, it would have saved my a lot of hassle.

Part Reviews


The CPU of choice for this budget, Ryzen 5 wasn't released at the time. Can't say much about overclocking, it wasnt necessary so far and I value silence more than the little extra clock speed.


It looks good in this white & black themed build and has all the features you need from a motherboard. Overclocking ability, HD audio, 2 M.2 slots, a fortified PCI slot for your big *** VGA and SLI support if you need it. Only downside imo: it's not ATX, the right side is shorter than normal. One bug I suspect could be the motherboards fault: I can't wake my PC from hybernating.


Does all RAM needs to do. Low profile so it doesn't interfer with the cooler, simple, black design. I don't really need the 3000MHz, but this was only 5€ more expensive than 2400MHz, so why not?


your average HDD for storing everything. This is by far the loudest part of my PC, but this is partly the fault of the case.

Video Card

A GTX 1070 matched my budget and this manufacturer edition is awesome! It's very cheap compared to other brands with similar out of the box overclocking like from Asus. Witcher 3 and Battlefield 1 in 1440p and Ultra settings give me a solid 60fps with V-Sync enabled. It looks good, very sleek, and the RGB backplate is a nice colour-accent in my otherwise very plain looking build. The fans have a silent 0-RPM mode when the card is idle, which is nice. This silent mode has a downside though: if you're at the brink of putting load on your graphics card the fans will start spinning for a couple of seconds and then turn off again only to immedeatly start spinning again. This is pretty annoying since the starting of the fans is very loud compared to when they are actually running. Also I think some poor design choices were made, e.g. putting the two uggly fan connectors at the front of the card.


I chose it for it's simple white design and because its interior is covered in dampning material, reducing noise. And this works very well, the PC is barely audible when I use it for browsing, YouTube etc and under load it's still not annoying. Only complaint: when the HDD is spinning sometimes something in the case will start to vibrate, creating a rather load buzzing noise. Numerous people seem to have the same problem. More or less gently tapping the case will stop the vibration, but it's still annoying. For this price the case should come with a PSU shroud.

Power Supply

Sweet spot in terms of wattage for this build, it has a silent 0RPM mode as well and it rarely ever starts spinning the fan. Modularity and 80+ Gold is very nice, as well as the sleeved, black cables. When new this thing has a unpleasant stench of chemicals to it, but after a month of usage it's pretty much gone.


Comes in at a very reasonable price, looks great. 1440p is the perfect resolution for what my system is capable of, ISP because I like colour accuracy and for me 60Hz is plenty since a) I'm not a pro FPS gamer and b) much more than 60fps would be unrealistic in modern games anyways at this resolution. The display suffers from backlight bleed as you'd expect for a ISP panel in this price category, but it's usually not noticeable.


My first mechanical keyboard. Feels very nice to write on, no problems what so ever. I chose it for the simple black & white design, because I'm not a fan of these gamery RGB keyboards. Bit overpriced I'd say, buy it when it's on sale!

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