I use this machine for the newest game titles. Also I do YouTube and photoshop with it. It's a great machine and it doesn't break a sweat when I throw a triple a title at it. Unlike my Omen, You see I'm only 14 and my dad bought me a Omen from HP for Christmas, I was very appreciative but it wouldn't run Rainbow Six Seige at medium to high settings without overheating, and it only has one fan to cool the whole rig and without vents too, it uses an intel stock cooler and I can't get a better cooler because it will void my warranty and there is literally no space in the case to put a radiator or fans so I built this one and am very happy with it so far. The Lian Li O11 case is very sleek and large for tons of cable management and for your components to have room and for them to breathe. The custom watercool I used was from ekwb and it worked great. Keeps all my components at cool temps and is very pretty to look in the side glass. I also used a corsair lighting module but I did not include it in the part list but that also makes things sweet. The motherboard is very nice and the rgbs make it look even cooler. The coolest thing in this build was the water cooled gpu's the block was clear so I could see the red water go thought it. The color scheme might be odd but it looks great in my opinion.

If you're wondering my YouTube channel is

Thank you all for reading my build! :) Have a great day!

Part Reviews


Great processor fast, and it has good amount of cores


Great mobo, enough pci-e slots and RGB looks nice with the silver


Hey man, RAM is RAM. But honestly though it looks great and is very fast

Video Card

One of the best 1080ti's on the market, runs fast doesn't get that hot (if your water cooling) and has great performance


Honestly one of my favorite cases, plenty of room, sleek, great for water cooling, and has lots of breathing room

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  • 22 months ago
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i love the build but can you take a better picture so i can see the full beutey of it.

p.s. i'm not very good at spelling

  • 21 months ago
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yes, and thank you for commenting nice things