My first ITX build. Got to say it wasn't easy, this motherboard is really small, takes some patience to build it.

Warning: please remember to mount cooler AFTER you have installed this motherboard into the case, otherwise you will have to take it out again.

Otherwise really well performing machine. CPU and GPU performance scores are top notch.

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 8 GB GAMING OC 3X with some overclocking performs almost as stock RTX 2080.

Also, before someone asks "Hurr, durr, why not RT 5700 XT?!", well, because price difference between red devil/nitro and Gaming OC 3x was really small and overall 2070 super IS a better performing card with more stable drivers = fact.

Temperatures are good, wraith prism is performing well (although it's not silent, its the loudest thing in my build currently haha).

Might change wraith prism for something else in the future, but lets see, maybe I will adjust, if music is playing in the background, it's not so bad.

Part Reviews


Really well performing CPU. Best bang for your buck. Included cooler also looks cool and performs cool, but it's not super silent. If you are listening to music or games while at PC, that won't be a problem.


Good motherboard, but it could use more fan headers (currently just 2).


Good RAM. Good out of the box XMP overclock with x570 motherboards.


So far, so good. Really good temps.

Video Card

Best value GPU on November 2019. Hands down. With some mild OC performs almost the same as stock 2080. Silent and cool as well with max 68C during heavy load.


Very nice case. Good airflow & good price. Good cable management options.

Case Fan

Big and silent. Good as intake fans.

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awe its cute :((( itx gang for life

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  • 7 days ago
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Really nice build. Are you able to choose and address the colour of the TridentZ RAM ??