Finally getting around to uploading the build for this PC. After around three and a half years, my PC has been 100% upgraded and replaced. Starting off with an AMD FX-6300, 8 GB of RAM, and a GTX 750 Ti, we've now reached a pretty good mid-range PC with the AMD Ryzen 5 2600, 16 GB of RAM, and a GTX 1070. We've gone from barely squeaking 60 FPS in Overwatch to hitting easily above 150 FPS now, CS:GO constantly hits the 300 FPS cap, and rendering is an absolute breeze on this.


  • Score in Cinebench R15 - 1221cb
  • Average FPS in CS:GO - ~300 FPS
  • Average FPS in Overwatch - ~150 FPS
  • Average FPS in Arma 3 - ~75 FPS
  • Average FPS in Minecraft - ~250 FPS
  • Premiere Pro Render^ - 3 minutes

^ - a busy 6 minute video @ 720p / 60 FPS / 256kbps

Part Reviews


Absolutely amazing CPU. Runs kinda warm on idle but nothing too scary, and the temp doesn't go much higher from idle than when it's on a load.


Really good motherboard, small bit of RGB in the bottom left corner, and white ambient lights in each of the corners, which are NOT controllable. The white LEDs will be on permanently so if you're going for a super dark build, you may wanna roll with the bigger brother of this motherboard, the Mortar, which will also control of the LEDs.


It's RAM, and it's RGB. You can see dark spots between the lights but it's only noticeable when you're looking directly at the RAM, which isn't the best idea, because they're kinda bright. Got it to overclock right to 2933 MHz without even messing with the voltage, so it's a great kit of RAM in my eyes. Significantly cheaper now than when I got it.

Video Card

I love this GPU, cost about $250 used and it initially came with a corrupt BIOS, but I managed to fix it and now it's a working GPU and it runs so well. Runs kinda warm but it's mostly due to the silent fan profile that doesn't kick on till 60C.

Operating System

Windows stinks but I gotta use it. Will not activate since I swapped to Ryzen, despite their support telling me that it will transfer the activation key.

Case Fan

Really good fans, good for radiators, or just being standard case fans. Only gripe is that the cable used to connect it to a Lighting Node Pro is ridiculously fragile and tears with any ounce of force given to it. Due to this, I cannot control it through iCUE anymore but that's whatever.


Still absolutely raving for this monitor. 144 Hz is still not replaceable. Does get warm in the bottom right corner (where all the buttons and joystick are) but it's nothing too noticeable and it hasn't caused issues in the two years I've had it.


Good mouse, however I have an issue with the durability. After a few months, whatever is holding the base to the top of the mouse wears off and causes the two parts to separate, making the mouse a hassle to use.


Chose this over the NZXT Hue+ before the Hue+ 2 came out. Colors are very nice and the strip bases being black means it blends in with a case much better, at the expense of being slightly dimmer. Not a huge deal as the effects are super cool while being simple.

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