I've slowly been upgrading my PC over the past year and recently realized that there is not a single part left from my original build. All part prices are what I paid for them.

I got the 6700k last year as a Christmas gift from my parents, and ordered the Asus Z170-E board to go along with it. I originally had a Noctua NH-D14 to cool it, but my dad also got the Intel 120mm AIO with the 6700k and I liked how it looked a lot more, but I plan on putting it into a mini ITX build whenever I get around to that.

I received the Samsung 830 ssd from my uncle who works at Amazon with their servers. They apparently got way more than they ordered and were given the extras to take home. The Intel ssd was from my dad's old build and he no longer needed it, as well as my monitor.

Around March I purchased an RX 480 for $250 before GPU prices skyrocketed, but over the summer my Dad was celebrating getting 100% out of debt so he brought me to a Best Buy and told me to get a new graphics card for my computer. I warned him that it would cost a good amount given what I already had and with mining driving prices up, but he told me to go ahead and got me the 1080. That's why the 1080 is showing as $250 in the part list.

Everything else I have bought with my own money over time. I should mention how lucky I am to have a dad who works with computers and is so willing to basically upgrade my computer for me.

Cinebench CPU - 970 OpenGl - 165.24fps


Game 112%, Desk 97%, Work 69%

CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K - 101.1%

GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080 - 132.5%

SSD: Crucial_FCCT256MX100SSD1 512GB - 79.5%

SSD: Crucial_FCCT256MX100SSD1 256GB - 94.1%

HDD: WD Black 2TB (2013) - 83.5%

RAM: Crucial BLT8G4D30AETA.K16FE 1x8GB - 55.1%

MBD: Asus Z170-E

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Cools very well and stays quiet most of the time. Installation was incredibly easy. Customer service is top notch.

I bought an $80 240mm AIO a couple months ago expecting some temperature improvement and a cleaner look but the AIO actually performed a few degrees worse and was louder so I ended up returning it.

The brown fans clash with every other component in my build but I knew that before purchasing. Fingerprints are easily left on the top of the heatsink and I have been unsuccessful in my attempts at removing them even with the help of rubbing alcohol and windex. I suspect my fingers had thermal paste residue which, making the fingerprints very hard to remove.


Looks pretty decent and the BIOS is easy to navigate with a lot of options to customize.

Overclocking is a little limited though. my 6700k can only reach 4.7GHz stable. Any higher requires ridiculous levels of power on vCore. I tried a friends 7700k and saw identical results which leads me to believe it is the MOBO and not silicone lottery on the CPU. This is not a huge issue and is actually to be expected given it's the E variant and not the A.


Looks sleek and runs as perfectly as I could ask

All I did was set the XMP profile in the BIOS and it's been running smoothly. Temps are fine and I have no stability issues. I have not tried overclocking it though so that is the extent of my experience.

Video Card

The card remains pretty quiet and below 72c out of the box. This isn't by itself super impressive but the card also boosts to 1985mhz on the core by itself while doing it. I've managed a stable OC of 2090mhz but getting it to that point was a pain and the performance difference was negligible.

The fans stay almost silent below 40%, pretty quiet between 40%-50%, Tolerable between 50%-65%, and can get pretty loud after that. I have not found that to be an issue though as the fans rarely spin above 60% unless put to the aggressive fan profile or manually set higher than that. I should clarify that tolerable means I can barely hear it over my case fans (4 CoolerMaster AF120mm at 50%)

Overall it performs very well and looks pretty good too.


God I love this case.

It looks sleek without being gaudy. The front ventilation is phenomenal, and cable management is effortless. There is so much room for storage expansion that is easy to work with and looks great. The 140mm fan that it comes with is quiet and the option for a 5.25' optical bay is nice to have. Dust filters on front intake and below the power supply.

I just can't think of another case at this price point that offers as much as this one does. No other case on the market right now competes with it, and the only cases to pique my interest are the ones Phanteks has shown at CES that aren't out yet. I can not think of a single con based on my experience and use case.

Power Supply

Practically Silent, nice black cables, an option to monitor power draw straight from the PSU, and the branding isn't obnoxious.

Every other pro I can think of (modular cables, 80+ gold, etc) is a given.

Price is a bit more than some competitors, but also less than others so take that as you will.


Reliable and Lightweight. The bezels aren't the thinnest but they aren't huge. Color accuracy as far as I can tell is pretty good and the image quality remains pretty good at extreme viewing angles.

When using a DVI-D cable instead of an HDMI cable I have been able to OC my monitor to 74hz which is pretty decent for a monitor that doesn't advertise overclocking. Using an HDMI cable limits the monitor to 60hz though.


Comfortable for long periods of time with pretty good sound. The vibration is a feature I personally enjoy and is very easy to turn off if that's not your thing. Easy mute and volume control as well.

I often get asked what mic I am using by team members in overwatch and discord because it sounds so good. I should say that I don't have trained ears or do any sort of audio work but when compared to a friend's Blue Yeti Mic (my speaking voice recorded through Audacity with zero editing and listened to using these headphones so take it as you do) I can barely notice a difference.

Not to say it's as good as a professional quality microphone, and if you're trained to look for and notice the things that make audio good and bad you might have a very different opinion, but it far exceeds my expectations.

UPDATE 7/27/19: So I got these back in August of 2016 and wanted to give a longevity update. I use these for multiple hours at a time on an almost daily basis. When I'm not wearing them they are more often than not on the floor, where they have been stepped on and tripped over. I have rolled over the cord with my chair more times than I can count. I do not take good care of these and they still work rather well.

After 3ish years of heavy and rough use, the sound is still very clear and well rounded, and the mic is still working perfectly. The headphones maintain a firm but comfortable grip on my head. I have also not found any fraying on the braided cable.

The pleather lining on the foam pads has started to peel significantly, although the foam is still comfortable and retains its original shape. The audio can be unbalanced sometimes (louder on left or right) depending on where the volume knob is sitting, but just adjusting the volume a little on the built-in dial fixes it. Finally, although the mic light still turns on and off with the mute button, it does not mute the mic anymore (found that out the hard way).

Overall I have to say I'm almost more impressed after realizing how long I've had these, and how well they are still holding up with no effort on my part to keep them going.


Good build quality and genuine Cherry switches at a good price (I paid about $45 for it while on sale).

You can find full RGB mechanical keyboards (albeit with knockoff switches) for around the same price or maybe a little cheaper, but my experience with those is that the build quality is often a bit wanting, and the switches sometimes don't feel as good.

This keyboard provides a great typing experience and has a lot of utility. The blue backlight is a good shade (not so dark it's hard to see, and not so light it looks ugly) and I have had RGB keyboards in the past and always end up leaving it on blue anyway, so that's not an issue for me.


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GREAT BUILD!! .............this case and the meshify c is my favorite cases of all time........both cases has the mesh in the front loving the blue and black theme and black is my 2 favorite colors

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Thank you! I love the Meshify C too and will probably be the next case I get!

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