I have posted a PC build here before using the same 2400g but eventually sell some of the parts (case, psu, 3.5" HDD & A320 MB) due to personal dissatisfaction lol. The only thing i kept is the CPU, ram and monitor. I also salvaged a 500GB laptop drive for free.

The case is small and easy to carry around the house which also serve as a HTPC. The build went perfectly fine until i snap the power pin connector of the case facepalm. As a temporary replacement i connect the reset button to the power button pin on the MB until i can find the the time to fix back the power button.

I originally install the new ubuntu 18.04 lts release on this PC but it turn out to be very laggy and the super slow wifi kinda ruins the whole thing. So, i went back and use windows 10 sigh. Anyway, the PC now is running great, no problem so far. I only play CSGO and paladins and this APU perform as what as i expected.

Part Reviews


My first CPU for my first build. All i can say that it is awesome and a very good value for money.


Not as good as my ASUS MB i used previously with my Ryzen 2400g. OCing memory can be a pain. i hope Asrock can include more RAM support in its future upgrade. Right now at bios P4.60


Cheapest memory i can grab. Good value for money


m.2 form factor, affordable, SSD speed. Using for boot drive and works great everything feels snappy.


Awesome case very small and solid, great use of space if you are running a no GPU setup. easy to carry around and fits in my backpack. Be careful DO NOT make the same mistake as me. The power button connection wires are quite fragile, be careful bot to pull too hard or else it will snap out of place. But anyways i managed to solder it right back in to place.

Power Supply

Works great. FSP is a reputable brand for OEM . No worries for me

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  • 23 months ago
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Hi .. did you run a 3dmark on it ?, i have a similar build in progress waiting on the mobo to be delivered, would really like to know how it runs games :).. thanx

  • 23 months ago
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i haven't got the time yet to run 3dmark. But i play paladins at 1080p max out graphics at well above 60fps. CSGO at 1080p low setting is around 170fps. Fortnite at medium settings is at 50fps. Dirt rally low 1080p is at 60fps. Lastly Path of Exile high setting 1080p lock in at 60fps stable. i hope this helps you. i will find the time to run 3d mark later on.

  • 23 months ago
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thanks, np

  • 23 months ago
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Oh wow that NVMe drive slot on the back of the mobo is neat!

  • 23 months ago
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yes. great use of space by asrock