I just finished my upgrade from the old Skylake i7-6700K to this bad boy yesterday. I kept some of the old parts from that build and purchased the rest last week. This is my Gaming PC used for mostly playing looter-shooters. Division 2, Anthem, Destiny, Sea of Thieves, ect. I kept the MSI Duke from the last build and decided to cool it and extend its life until the next generation for RTX series when the jump in performance will be more significant. Happy with the results. I havent seen many builds posted with 2 NZXT coolers inside a Mid Tower like my H500i. Let me know if anyone has any questions on the build or comments.

Part Reviews


No complaints so far. Will run more hot under load then previous generation processors but 8 cores so ya...

CPU Cooler

Louder pump then I would prefer but does a good job on my 9900k without any overclock yet.


Perfect upgrade board for my taste. Built in backplate and lightning support for front panel for the newest cases coming out.


Boot Drive. Boot time is about 7 seconds.


Games Drive for me. Helps load times for Anthem a lot which is important if you know anything about the early state of the game.


Media Storage Drive for me. Basic and cheaper.

Video Card

Good card. Same PCB is Gaming X for a lower price when I got it. Left the stock cooler on until this build. Have a lot of overclocking headroom with the new temps but the card doesn't get credit for that.


Upgraded from an old style s340 case. Love the look and ease of this case. I have a lot going on inside but airflow is still fantastic. Cable management is the best selling point for this case. Everything is removable on the inside as well.

Case Fan

Last Generation Aer fans. Only using 2 of them in the case right now. Still the best color of any fan IMO.

Case Accessory

H500i comes with an integrated controller but its terrible. Hue 2 has now come out and I only hope it builds on this one cause the CAM software integration with this version is hit and miss at best.


4k 60hz gaming for me. I'm 35 and high frame rates mean nothing to me anymore. No HDR is the only thing keeping me from a 5 star on this cause the color depth is second to none.


Not fully mechanical which is a blessing for my wife. Still has the tactile feel you love from a good keyboard.


Had to replace this once already due to the rubber coming off on the side after about 2 months of use. Had the new one for about 4 months now and have not had another issue at all with this one.


Microphone is not great but the sound quality is amazing on these.


Incredible bass for a desktop stereo speaker. RBG ring on the bottom is a nice added bonus.


Newer boards a starting to be lacking in the USB 2.0 header department and I had 3 headers needed with 2 available on the new board. Kraken M22, Kraken x52, Hue +, and Bluetooth dongle all plugged into the one hub and still one header available.


Added to the back of the desk for some ambient lighting. Considered the Hue 2 ambient but seemed like overkill with Phillips Hue bulbs all over my house already.


Good not great ambient light. Very expensive for being last generation bulbs.


Easy install when also using an NZXT cooler. I went with the x52. GPU stays cooler then the processor now. Before this upgrade my card was not able to handle 4K gaming without lowered settings due to heat.


Installed with Kraken G12 on an MSI Duke 1080ti. Excessive cooling for cheaper then a card sold with an AIO.


Built in cable combs are amazing. Cables are a bit more rigid then I would have liked but still great looking in my case.


Didn't actually purchase a refurb but already had it and wanted to put it on the list. Love all my Hue lights.

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  • 15 months ago
  • 2 points

Those G12's are nice. +1

  • 15 months ago
  • 1 point

First time using one but I now have the gpu smooth at 2100 core clock

  • 15 months ago
  • 1 point

don't take your pictures from instagram their to small

  • 15 months ago
  • 1 point

Agreed—this is a great build and I’d like to see it in higher resolution

  • 15 months ago
  • 1 point

Updated the images. Apologies!

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