I only play CS Condition Zero. I'm 30 and about 15yrs ago I tried a build which didn't work out. I've been using laptops for a long time. Recently I decided they have way too much radiation so I seized the opportunity to upgrade, complete a build and be healthier at same time. It's incredible how much support there is today with forums, youtube, and of course My build is perfect to me. Extremely fast. Extremely quiet. Extremely efficient. I researched like a mad man to find the best of every part and I highly recommend everything. I demand quality and these parts were right on target. I don't plan on overclocking my cpu, but I raised my dram to 2400 for the new kaby lake cpu. Perhaps someday I'll oc the cpu to see if it can reach 5ghz. This motherboard comes with amazing features like airplane mode and built in wifi. However, wifi isn't good for you and a direct internet connection is best so I prefer to use airplane mode with wifi disabled. When I do use wifi, I really like that the external antenna can be placed even further away and pointed directly towards the router in the other room. I'm not huge RGB fan but the subtle glow on the motherboard looks stunning. The i5 7600k kaby lake runs consistently @ 4.2ghz. The gpu I'm using tested to turbo further than more expensive multiple fan models on a review. It looks great it and sits flush with the cryrig H7. I don't believe I could have picked a better build. I'm 110% satisfied. Very easy and everything worked flawlessly. I would strongly advise to go with this motherboard if you're doing a mATX build. Whether you're overclocking or not is not the question to ask. The questions to ask are: Do you want a 100% bulletproof kaby lake build? Do you want to be able to set your ram to 2400? Do you want wifi built in ? Airplane mode? M.2 slots that are far away from your gpu so they stay cool ? A little RGB ? Get all the bells & whistles with none of the problems, get the Asus STRIX Z270G and call it a day. I unplugged the fractal case header power led light and hard drive indicator light. They're blue and too bright. I really like that the build ended up a stealthy black with bits of yellow and blue like a counter strike color scheme. I'm a minimalist, I keep my electronic storage devices clean and back up all my stuff on flash drives so I don't need 2TB or storage. I have a logitech Gpro mouse. I also bought a G403 prodigy to try out and it was crap, so Gpro for the win. Happy Hacking Pro 2 is on it's way in mail. Future plans: play CS:GO and maybe some gtaV edit: This keyboard is amazing. It definitely feels like the porsche of keyboards. well worth the money. The size and layout are great too. Go topre or go home.

Part Reviews


consistently @ 4.2ghz! Buy it!

CPU Cooler

best looking best performing cpu cooler!


by far best looking best performing mATX Kaby Lake ready you can get! BUY IT! zero problems! only fantastic surprises!


high quality real aluminum cooling design. no leds that could potentially burn out. 5stars!


by far best looking best performing storage device you can use! Don't mess with 2.5 sata , or SSD. Rock this NVME m.2 and be FASTER!

Video Card

looks amazing. overclocks itself faster than more expensive multiple fan models. extremely quiet. best for the money. doesn't take up the entire case so you can actually see the motherboard! 300-400 FPS on CS:GO ! Buy it!


do you want the best looking best quality mATX on the market? THEN BUY THIS!

Power Supply

best looking, best performing, has a eco mode. extremely quiet. great looking braided cords. why go with a cheaper uglier psu ? do you want failure and ugliness?


basically if you're going to build a nice computer, you must have this monitor. The End.


best looking, best performing, 5stars! I bought the g403 prodigy to try and it was crap. The Gpro for the win!

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Dude! I miss the **** out of Condition Zero. I miss the scout. I miss scoutzknivez. That's the first game I'm going to play once i finish my $2500 build. Also, very nice build!

  • 21 months ago
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why is the keyboard more expensive than the CPU

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