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Completed a build with a $500 budget - First Build




Date Published

Dec. 24, 2014

CPU Clock Rate

3.8 GHz

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.058 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

5 GHz


It took a couple of months, and this time of year, when there are TONS of sales... but here is my completed First Build

What's and Why's I chose the parts I did and any other thoughts on what I got. Let me know what you think and what I can improve down the line and why. I'll update this post as changes in operation occurs.

The build is for some light gaming and regular day to day use. I have this in our bedroom and it has run pretty quietly. It has a total of 5 fans running - 2 case fans, CPU fan, GPU fan, and PSU fan.

CPU - it was on sale at MicroCenter - I am mostly doing single monitor gaming, so the speed and definitely for the price this has been my 2nd best performance to cost component on this build

CPU Cooler - I got it because it was cheap, but it was from a reputable name brand. I don't OC, so it has so far been doing great. It has also been a lot quieter than expected. With the case closed you can't even hear it, and with the case open the slight white noise helps put our baby to sleep. So it is a plus plus. I was originally only going to keep it temporarily, but now I think I will upgrade a different part instead once I get the funds to do so again.

Mobo - Asus and Gigabyte were on the top ratings here. I went with Gigabyte because it came in a little cheaper, and it had a MIR. I have heard mixed reviews on this particular board, but so far, it seems to be doing fine. If this changes I will update this post

Memory - I am trying out the Avexir brand. They look really good and so far are working well

Storage - I have the SSD (from TigerDirect) for the OS boot and the HDD (Amazon) for actual storage.

Video Card - I was originally going to go with a 750ti, but then this one went on sale. I compared them at GPUBoss and with the slight differences, but the large price difference, I went with the 650. I was a little concerned about it only being 1GB, but i am only running a single monitor and it was worked great. I've been able to play Sniper Elite 3, Murdered Soul Suspect and Dungeon Siege on ultra/high.

Case - It looked good. I think that is the driving reason behind most case purchases. The biggest downside on the case would be that there is not really any room behind the mobo to hide the wires. I did most of the stashing to the back side of the expansions.

PSU - The actual PSU I have is the 400W Solid Gear also Bronze Certified from MicroCenter. It did not have the ATX for the CPU and I had to buy a converter part for that at Frys. It still came out to $20 after MIR.

Wireless Network Adapter - On sale at Amazon

Case Fans - I was a little worried having only the standard CPU cooler so I was able to find these on Black Friday - they run really quietly and have the blue led.

Keyboard/Mouse - It matched my build and it was on sale.

I did get an OS disk, but it was corrupted upon arrival and I am waiting on a replacement, so I haven't listed that as part of the build yet. It will hopefully be running OS 7 pro when the disk arrives with the new key

Misc - Wiring management - I wrapped that cords with Teflon. It has a really high melting point and I didn't want the stickiness of electrical tape. I could have used a bunch of zipties, which i did for certain sections, but for that jumble of cords it just looked really messy. I couldn't do very much the snake (the cords down there look like a snake to me lol) on the bottom of the case, but there was enough room to run the extra power wires around to stash behind the expansion trays. I'll have more pictures up soon

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Zara_Leon 5 points 52 months ago

Could have dropped SSD and add it to future Upgrades. Use the Money of the SSD to get A Corsaid or Evga Psu and use the rest for a better Gpu. Same with the Storage - You should have just gone with 1 Tb- use the other 30$ for a better Gpu

The Psu also tends to explode, die, or set fire very consistent from what i have heard from- I recommend you get that switch ASAP

Wam 1 Build 5 points 52 months ago

priorities sir, spending more money on a case than cpu is not a good idea.

gunp0int 1 point 52 months ago

If that's all you really spent... Great job!

adamjoliver 1 point 52 months ago

I can't say I trust that PSU. Not a well-known brand and whatever stuff I do find about it says it's a low quality PSU that outputs less then it is rated for. It'd be the first thing I'd replace once I had the money.

Hatcck 1 point 52 months ago

Nice Build you made good choices. I have ran a few cheap PSU hard and they lasted over 12 months each.

shine_bright 1 Build 1 point 52 months ago

Nice, almost a similar build to mine. I had HDD lying around though so I saved a bit.

SLVRWLFX submitter 3 Builds 1 point 52 months ago

Thanks all. Wow I didn't know that about the PSU. OK that will be the first to be changed. I'll keep an eye on it and see how it goes. Yes, that is all I really spent. I rounded up to the nearest $5 increment :)