It looks great now finished but there was a fair amount of niggly problems caused by Cooler master add-ons, the main one being their vertical GPU mount. It works, but it needed to be dropped down one PCI slot at the back, which then required cutting two small sections out of the PSU shroud. This was needed as whoever tested it at Cooler Master did not test with reasonable high end parts, the top of the RTX 2070 Super fouled the Noctua NH DI-15S. Also, the riser ribbon could have been made slightly longer. I also swapped out their fans for a mixture of Thermaltake and Deepcool, as their fans LEDs did not like Gigabytes RGBFusion. Cost me more but a far cleaner look as everything now simply plugs straight into the MB. I will be going down the water cooling route at some stage, as the Noctua NH DI-15S can only keep the 3900x to 72c during testing, so open loop it will be. Does sit around 45 - 50c for desktop and gaming though, so not too disastrous really. Annoying I cannot use the thickest EKWB radiators as the limit is 43mm according to the H500M specs, but there is plenty of room for a separate pump and reservoir, which is good. It will be my first time water cooling so yet more researching and learning to be done. Apart from the issues with the vertical GPU mount it went well, with no real issues, cable management went well despite this being my first with braid cables. The 24 pin looks a hell of a lot neater with the Cooler Master 90 degree 24 pin adaptor, even to the level where no combs were needed. I also have 2 x 8-pin 180 degree adaptors, so that with the vertical GPU mount they wouldn't even be seen. The joke being of course that I spent a lot of custom cables for them to be barely seen! :D

Part Reviews


Fast, powerful, hot, lol. One chiplet has a peak of 4.55 - 4.650, the other at 4.375 - 4.400 and I'm guessing that is true for most of them, I'm not complaining but obviously wish that I could have got one with both chiplets being speedy. Just enabled PBO really for now, as I do not know enough as yet to OC manually, I'll learn although I don't think there is much headroom really.

CPU Cooler

My first use of any kind of air cooler and this was a piece of cake to install, in fact I even added a second fan in the hope of taming the 3900x a little more, all it did in the end was to keep the temp down to 68c until the very end of the stress tests, where it again jumped back up to 72c. Considering the heat given off by the 3900x though this does an impressive job and looks real good as well.


A great Mb overall but with a few badly placed connections. One of the most annoying, which I have yet to get under control is having a temperature probe connector right next to the debug LED, obscuring it partially. An abundance of fan headers, having 2two USB 3 headers is great as well. Thermals are fine, even with a 3900x on it. Slapped 4 x 8GB of Corsair Dominator Platinum on it and even though they aren't on the vendors list they were recognised instantly with XMP and haven't given any problems. The Bios is somewhat clunky and some things aren't where you'd want/expect them to be, but easy enough to get used to though (it's not as if many of us swap MB That often after all).

Video Card

Worth every penny and it looks stunning as well


Looks good, Lots of room to work in, decent airflow, what's not to like. It would have been nice if you didn't have to remove both glass sides to remove the front panel, but it's not exactly a deal breaker as far as I am concerned. Cable management is a breeze but I didn't use their ARGB controller, preferring instead to connect directly up to the MB, anyway you can end up with a very neat set of cables easily. Noise levels are around 35db from 3 feet away when its idle, so pretty quiet even with 8 fans in use in total (3 on the GPU). It would have been nice to have had rubber grommets in the two top cable cutouts but again not a big deal. I will need to reposition the water pump mount though as it is way too far over when you have any large GPU installed.


I got this as they were selling them as refurbished. By that they meant that they were returns and I am pretty sure why they were returned - they could not figure out how to fit the stand so returned them. When mine arrived it still had the peel off plastic still in place. I admit that I was pretty close to taking a hacksaw to the support arm cutout on the stands base when it snapped into place - it has a lip that isn't obvious and the base needs to be angled to get the cutout over this lip. Anyway on to an actual review of it, it's Big! the colours are good and don't be fooled by any reports about it being dim, I have the brightness set to 65 - 70 and that is plenty bright enough even with sunlight on it. Okay it's not the best, it's not the fastest, nor the best refresh, etc etc, it's under £200 though, for the price you are getting a fair chunk of a monitor


My first real top end keyboard and I Love it. I cannot find anything to quibble about it at all. The LEDs are bright, respond well. The keys themselves are ideal for me (I choose the clicky). The software works well, sound volume scroll wheel is very responsive, dedicated media keys, memory keys, macro keys, etc, just work, and work well.


I matched this up with their MM1000 Qi Wireless Charging Mouse Mat and the two work fantastically together. The charging isn't fantastically fast but very handy, as is the extra USB (I just plugged the dark core dongle into that). The LEDs on the mouse are good without being OTT, just enough to put on a bit of a display. The responsiveness is impressive, buttons all fall easily to your fingers with the right amount of feel. There will be far better and more in depth reviews than mine, so all I will say in the end is that I have Finally found an ideal mouse for my use.


Fantastic sound!


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I would get a AIO, your tower is covering the ram and that ram looks good, so maybe whenever you can get a 280 or 360 aio for your build, it would look good

  • 17 days ago
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Oh I fully intend to, a ekwb setup eventually. Surprisingly with the ram OC to 3733 cl16 they didn't rise above 40c during 2 hours of Prime95 large the other day

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Saving for a thick 360 ekwb