I originally built this back during the mining craze of 2018 so I paid dearly for this system due to the inflation of GPUs in general. I paid an extra 300$ in total due to the Bitcoin Craze.

Assembly was straightforward and one thing I would recommend is getting extra zip ties for cable management. Also due to the motherboard type, the front RGB portion of the fans will not turn on and the bottom fan is inoperative due to insufficient fan connectors or not long enough fan connector cables.


Battlefield 3 ULTRA EVERYTHING: 70+ FPS in all campaign missions and multiplayer except when in an environment with lots of smoke and explosions (Op Metro is annoying at times)

War Thunder High Preset: 100+ FPS in the majority of multiplayer maps in both Ground and Air Battles, only on some maps does the frame rate dip below 100 FPS but does not drop further than 80 FPS.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive: 200+ FPS on the High Preset, never drops below 200.

Rainbow Six:Siege Medium Preset: 60-70 FPS, Glass gets notably Warm during gameplay


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