My epic gaming PC that I first built in September 2017 and have upgraded like 10 times. major upgrades coming soon haha

Part Reviews


Pretty cool, runs most stuff and was cheap when I first bought it.

CPU Cooler

Probably one of the best upgrades I did. very quiet 10/10


Its ok, does the job and BIOS is easy enough to use


The coolest thing I've bought for my PC so far. Planning on getting another pack for my major upgrade


Its a cool little drive for holding small games and loads fast.


Premium drive that can boot my PC in about 10 seconds (would be faster but budget parts)

Video Card

I love this little card. will be upgrading to a 2060


it looks cool, I like the black and red but stock fans are loud

Power Supply

my friend sold me this for $30 and it is very good, extra star because cables are sleeved black unlike my first one which was all the colours. cables are also very long

Case Fan

they are very quiet and I like the red rings, matches my PC colour theme


awesome keyboard


Its a pretty good mouse but could be a touch heavier


I like this headset, got it cheap. Dolby Atmos is fun


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