This is my first PC build that I honestly don't know why I built. I play the occasional game but other than that I guess I just have always wanted to build one of these bad boys. It runs Fortnite on max settings at about 120 fps, and is otherwise just incredibly fast. I went over my initial $800 budget, and I ended up getting rid of an aftermarket CPU cooler so that I could afford a GTX 1060, but it was all worth it in the end. I plan on upgrading the cooler and RAM first, with more storage and RGB fans coming later. Any thoughts, comments, suggestions, death threats? Leave 'em in the comments below because all feedback is greatly appreciated!

Part Reviews


It's fast as hell for it's price, and I wouldn't choose anything else over this for my price range. The stock cooler sucks though...


It's an overall great board, with 4 DDR4 slots, tons of inputs and outputs, integrated audio and RGB (that cant be changed from red, sadly), and lots of other goodies. The only thing that I didn't like is that I think that one of the USB 3.0 connectors was snapped off when I got it, so I had to use the other one.


It's fast and cheap. Need I say more?


It's incredibly fast and stores a crap ton of data for it's price. Right now I use it as a boot drive, and it makes Windows start up in about 5 seconds. Definitely recommend for any budget build.


It's very fast for a hard drive, and it doesn't make any noise at all. Very good overall.

Video Card

It's incredibly powerful for it's price, and with VR support it cannot be beat. I have yet to find a game that can really test it. Only problem is that it only has one HDMI port, but whatever.


It's an incredible looking case with excellent cable management and phenomenal cooling and radiator support. Has a nice big basement for storing all of your cables and ample space for storage and GPUs. Overall great case.

Power Supply

It's full-modularness makes it awesome for cable management, and it's overall a fantastic PSU.


I love the on-the-fly adjustable DPI and RGB settings on this mouse. Everything is customizable on this bad boi, and it's price makes it an excellent buy.


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Love the choice of case. I just love the clean look of most NZXT cases. I do think this is a grate PC for the price. I don't see anything you did wrong with it. But if I was you just keep an eye on the CPU to make sure it doesn't overheat sense you didn't get a cooler for it. Other than that it is a grate build!

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Nice budget build im making a budget setup soon because im tired of using this crappy laptop to play gmod at 25-30 fps on average on low settings. I will put it up on completed builds.

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Oooh around 900$, not bad for a higher end budget build. Specs look decent, and I am digging the black and red highlights. Thought about getting a different CPU cooler to compliment the appearance? +1 for a solid creation

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Yeah the stock cooler is the first thing to get upgraded once i'm not broke anymore! I was going to initially get a Hyper 212, but i decided not to so that I could afford the GTX 1060.

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+1 for the gpu/cpu

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