This was a new PC my boss told me to get for my co-worker, whose PC was slowing down a lot. I wanted to go a bit more budget friendly since we only use our computers for accounting and real estate, however he wanted a system that was gonna last for the next 5 years.

The good:

Love the motherboard for the ease of install and the cool "Breathing colors" throughout the surface. The ram also "breathes" in a red color.

The GTX 275 came for the storage and it fit and worked on the case but it takes 2x6 pin PCI-E to work lol.

The Bad: Case came with side panels bent. No biggies since its for work Case has only one fan (exhaust, like who does that nowdays?) Not happy about the drive bay set up but oh well. Cable management is tough due to not a lot of clearance.

Evey thing went relatively smooth, so I'm happy, it posted right off the bat and windows 10 is now installed.

I hope I did ok with it since work stations aren't usually something I've built

PS: my next build (which is my 3rd for a friend) with be 2k gaming system.

Part Reviews


It is great and will perform great for the next 5 years for what we do.


It's very simple looking and I liked the glowing effects, would be perfect for a orange build.


Ram is Ram. But I really enjoyed the surprise that these were red led lighted.


I'd probably stay away form this case.

Power Supply

I needed hte 700W with that old GPU! using 12pins !

Operating System

My boss wanted this version /shrug

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  • 44 months ago
  • 2 points

Mmm... Actually the iGPU has better performance than the 275... Just saying

  • 43 months ago
  • 1 point

You're right overall, but the GTX 275 is better at doing some things.

[comment deleted]
  • 44 months ago
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Was gonna get a 750-TI but we only need a GPU to be bale to use 2 monitors and that's it :P