After upgrading prebuilds for the last few years I decided to build something new I can add to in the future. Might not seem like much now but its a great platform for future upgrades and with a used hard drive, price watching and earning allot of points from bing, the whole build ended up being around 170 dollars...……….plan on adding a rx 570 next. Some faster ram when I can catch a good deal and ill be ready for one of the Athlons big brothers.

Originally went for 2666 ram which is a high as the Athlon will support but a screw up landed me with 2400 but with a lower latency…..didn't see too much of a difference in benchmarks so ill keep it till I can snag some 3000 when I upgrade.

3/9 Ended up with a Gtx 1060 3gb bstock from nvidia......just felt like a better deal then 570 though I might regret that extra gb of vram. Picked it up for around the same price as the 1050ti. Happy so far.......only running on a 900p monitor and everything is one ultra locked to 60 or 30. Not planning on a new monitor untill the old one explodes and even then ill probably just run it on one of my tvs. All in all probably costed around 350 - 400 dollars thanks to allot of waiting and looking for deals.

8/16 Swapped Athlon for used 1500x huge improvement for game who love multiple cores...

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Happy as a placeholder till 3000 Ryzens come out and hopefully Amd will deliver that 3300 6 core......if not I might jump on a 1600 0r 2600. Holds its own quite well at 900p with the 1060 with little bottlenecking, have not tested with higher resolutions.


Like the case and it does what it needs too. Nice red LED. Has 2 fans but I added a 3rd on the side for airflow with no mods. Looks good and takes up little space but tough to work in. Left side panel has cut out run wiring through. I could not fit a 3.5 inch hard drive in the drive bad with dual ram installed. Had one mounted on ssd bracket on side but was blocking side fan soo I went with a 2.5 inch wd black for extra storage with ssd. Nice looking case but would go bigger unless size is a necessity.


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Its bad that im thinking of selling my rtx 2080 r5 2600 build to build something tiny and powerful

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Move to a ryzen cpu before that ram, you probably wont see any performance increase from ram speed alone.

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aww its such a cute baby.