When I was planning this build out, I was going for a budget computer that still looked real nice and had room for future expansion. This being my first build, I basically had no idea what I was doing when building it so I would say it turned out amazing for my skill level.

Overall, I would say the ryzen 5 2400g is a beast of a cpu, easily handling any basic to moderate gaming with no overclocking. The ssd works amazing as well, with it taking only about ~20 seconds to boot from off to lock screen. The case looks absolutely beautiful and crisp and has plenty of cable routing options and much room for expansion and air flow.

...Speaking of air flow, these fans are a must have. The white leds are the perfect bright-but-not-blinding level and look absolutely stunning. Plus they are insanely quiet. Sometimes I forget if they are on or not. They easily all plugged into the psu (the motherboard didn't have enough fan headers to support all of them) and run with no problems. One thing I will say, however, is they came with no instructions, no markings as to which side in intake/output and the screw holes were no pre-drilled so screwing them in was a pain. (helpful note: The side with the bracket things it the out side)

The psu is a great budget psu. What else can I say about it. The only problem I had with it is that the cables were a bit stiff, and thus hard to route and cable manage, but I managed to do it eventually. Also, one major problem with the case is that the usb 3.0 connector goes into the motherboard in such a place that it makes one of the cabin ssd mounts unusable. Thankfully, the mounts can be removed and moved to the back. The keyboard and mouse are also great. The keyboard has great led features and feels good when typing. The mouse is a bit hard to right click with but is also ok. The ram stick is a fantastic budget ram. I did have to overclock it to get it to the full 3000 speed but other than that it was as simple as plug and play.

The overall performance of the computer is what you would expect from a $700 budget pc. It's certainly not going to be playing all the new and latest games at 60fps on 4k. However, you can still get some decent gameplay out of the integrated graphics. In the future, I plan to add a second monitor, a rx 570 8gb graphics card (might go up to a 580 if I have the money), more memory, a larger ssd, and possibly upgrade to a third gen ryzen core when those start coming out.

9/10 would recommend these parts.

(sorry they aren't great photos. I'm not exactly a photographer)

Part Reviews


Board works amazing. The bios is easy to navigate, and overclocking is real easy on it. Plus the words “Gaming Plus” written on the bottom middle actually light up when the computer is on which is a nice feature I haven’t seen anyone else mention before.


Absolutely amazing for the price. I was able to oc it 3200 with no problems at all. It doesn’t have all the fancy rgb’s or big heatsinks but it works great for any budget build.


Fantastic case. Looks amazing especially with led fans in the front. The build quality is nice and firm overall. The side panels are simple to remove and look so nice and clean.

Unfortunately, with the placement of the usb 3.0 header on the MSI B450 Gaming Pro Atx motherboard, it makes one of the ssd mount location unuseable as the connecter interferes with it. Thankfully there is another mount location inside the main area and two more on the back so it isn’t too terrible, only an annoyance. Also the front panel is near impossible to remove. The way it is held in place it takes 2 or 3 people to undo all the clasps. It would have been 5 stars if it hadn’t been for these problems.

Power Supply

Great budget psu. Has all the connectors you would need for any low to midrange pc. (It has the 24pin, 8 pin cpu connector, two vga connectors, six seta connectors, lots of molex connectors, and more) My only problem with it is that the cables were stiff and hard to menuver making cable management difficult.

Case Fan

The fans look amazing and run very quiet. Unfortunately, that’s about all the good I can say about them. They came with no instructions, the holes were not pre-drilled making installation very hard, and there are absolutely no markings as to which side is in or out. Just so y’all don’t go through the same trouble, the side with the brackets is out and the side where you can actually spin the fan (The side you see in the first product photo in its pcpartpicker page) is in. So the brackets should all be facing the back of the case if you want the air going in the front and out the back.

EDIT: After like, 3 months of use, leds have already started blinking and shutting off. Overall, the leds are dim and super inconsistent. Don't get these if you can help it


Keyboard looks amazing and works real well for not being mechanical. Unfortunately the mouse is a bit small and the right click button is hard to press and catches a lot.

EDIT: After a little under a month of use, the space bar has started to make a very high pitches squeak every time it is pressed. Not necessarily a problem but kind of annoying. Also the 0 key on the num pad is unusually soft and feels very different from the other keys like it's harder to press. Thankfully you don't use it too often.


It’s a standard flash drive. Only needed it to make a windows 10 boot drive si I guess it served its purpose well as I now have a windows 10 computer.


Monitor looks beautiful. Can’t think of anything wrong with it at all.

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  • 13 months ago
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My friend has a 2400g and loves it. Good budget build

  • 13 months ago
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My build is running a 2200G but have it set to OC when gaming. Durning OC it runs about as fast as the 2400G, at stock speeds. Kind of wished I had gone with the 2400G, the OC results would be great. At least you have plenty of fans and a clear upgrade path so it'll last year's.

  • 13 months ago
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Yeah, i was considering going with the 2200g but figures the extra $60ish was worth it

  • 13 months ago
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Yeah plus you don't have to go into OC to get a few more fps. But I'm excited to see what AMD comes out with in the next couple years because they are sticking with the AM4 socket for a little while longer.

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  • 21 days ago
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Well done.

Removing the case fans if they're going bad won't do anything to the temps. My passively cooled system has no fans and the temps didn't change whether or not I had case fans.