This is my first build, so it's okay to rip me on cable management. I know mine definitely isn't the best, and I appreciate the feedback! (sorry about photo quality, PC is in a really awkward place)

I've been waiting to get Forza Horizon 4 since launch, but I already had too many consoles (a PS4 and a Nintendo Switch). I waited until Thanksgiving week to finally build a PC so I wouldn't have to suffer on my laptop. I was also working with a $500 budget, so here goes.

I started off with my CPU, and this was something I already had in mind - a 6 core CPU with 12 threads and powerful enough to rip through anything Turn 10 could conjure up. When playing FH4 it sits at 40% usage, so overclocking this thing wouldn't be much help, and it also tells me that I could use a GPU that is significantly more powerful than my current one.

I bought this motherboard at a nice price, and I only regret that the bottom PCIe slot has only 4 lanes. Not that I'd be using it, but it's a shame that I can't do NVlink (assuming I had 2 RTX cards).

The 970 Evo was just something I had lying around. I'm probably going to add an Intel DC P4600 1.6TB to this build later on.

The GPU was a gamble. I really didn't have a plan for what I was going to buy, I just wanted something similar to a 1660 with a similar power draw. I bought this GPU from Newegg on launch day and it hasn't disappointed me yet. At 1080p this GPU crushes the highest graphics settings. If all you want is 1080p at 60fps, get this GPU.

I loved the clean look of this case, but I was slightly worried about thermals. Looks like I don't need to worry about that yet.

If there was something I regret most, it's probably the power supply. It works, but I'm always anxious that I'm gonna cross the 375w threshold, even though I know the system only uses 270w.

The monitor is sufficient. I wouldn't buy it - this was a gift I've had for over 3 years.

It works, and it's great! Very satisfied with the build, easy to put together in general. The only reason I decided to post this is because I want to give back to the PCPartPicker comminity for helping me pick the right parts at the right price.

EDIT: So I know there's a split in the RGB/anti RGB community right now, and some of you RGB people may think I need more RGB. Personally, my take is that if I'm spending more money, I should be getting more performance. If it comes with RGB, sure, I'll take it. But I shouldn't have to pay more to get a stylish PC (especially since mine is in a dark corner) with diminished or equivalent performance to something much cheaper. I'm satisfied with that little RGB strip on the motherboard as it is.

Part Reviews


Overly powerful CPU. Performs at great speeds. Held back by the GPU heavily.


Great motherboard. Only thing I don't like is the RGB fusion app opening randomly on my taskbar.


Speedy memory, Ryzen is happy.


Very fast NVMe SSD. Not happy about storage amount, but it was free, so can't complain.

Video Card

Destroyer of 1080p 60fps. Would buy this over RX 5500 XT any day, regardless of performance.


Case fans move enough air, will probably swap them out. Don't get the H510i, the fan controller is absolute garbage. Save the $30 and get Noctua fans to replace these ones. Case building experience was easy, there's enough space for me mATX board and all my cables. Very happy with the cable management system, if only I knew how to use it properly.

Operating System

It's windows.


Color is great, but don't buy this monitor. It's overpriced as heck.

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