Note: the prices are reflective of what I paid back in Jan/Feb 2019.

About time I posted this, really. Titan is the second of my builds from 2019 (the first to come soon) for immediate family members. After the build of "Microalloyed" for Christmas for my youngest son-in-law, I had a request for a replacement of an in-use i5-4690K and RX480 build inside of a Silverstone RV-02 case, for the eldest to go 'one better' with a budget of around £2500... ;)

Whilst I had said to wait for the new AMD stuff - evidently given the release of the super-competitive Ryzen 3000 series, RX5700 series and 'Super' graphics cards - by the time this was purchased, it was getting to a point of wanting it sooner or later than waiting to see. From his perspective, there is no buyers remorse at all and it fulfilled the brief.

The Build: The only things carried over from the existing PC were the Samsung 850 EVO, WD Blue drive and the second ASUS monitor. In terms of the requirements, this was a PC to last a few years, run at 1440p with decent framerates, and also look good with some RGB bling.

Whilst a case is subjective for each person, it was settled with the 500D selected for the aesthetics and the included LL-series fans with the Commander Pro and Lighting Node Pro components; ultimately working out cheaper and less hassle than buying an equivalently-decent case and making it work in one eco-system. The exception to this 'Corsair build' was the PSU but it was hard to justify an extra £30-40 for a PSU which would allow readouts in iCUE without any other gain over the SeaSonic unit.

I don't think there can be any complaints about the synergy of the other components; they deliver solid 1440p performance up to the 144hz that the ASUS monitor gives. Though it would have been nice to go for an IPS display, there is a considerable price uplift between this and an equivalent IPS panel. The bonus of this monitor is that it was - at the time - one of the few 1440p 144hz G-Sync compatible monitors.

I'll go into some more detail in the part reviews, but some general points: The CPU is clocked stable at 4.9Ghz but sadly it requires a far lot more voltage to get stable at 5.0Ghz; it's close enough! We did consider the 2700X at the time, but with nothing else being done apart from straight gaming, the Intel chip was the best performer despite the price uplift. The 500D SE is a very Premium feeling case, but the default position of the Lighting Node Pro and Commander Pro leave a lot to be desired as this caused a headache trying to route the rear fan to the controller; in the end having to use an extension. Guides on the Corsair forums for the whole setup were also a lifeline.

Overall, it's been nice to have been able to do a near full-Corsair build and to get a feel for iCUE and a different ecosystem, and to get to play with some nice high-end hardware for a change. With the except for a small voltage tweak to make R6: Siege stable, it's been great, short of the iCUE bugs we've experienced. Another happy recipient of a build from me.

Any questions, and comments appreciated. Thanks for looking, Nokor.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Whisper quiet performance and lovely looks. Could only wish that the number of LEDs matched, or was similar to the LL series case fans for the Aesthetics

Video Card

Very solid feeling card with lovely build quality. Comes with a included GPU brace. Performance is brilliant despite the misgivings about RTX, etc.


Premium case and lovely to work with, overall, but with a few niggles. For the price of the case, the 3 included LL-series fans and the two controllers, it's brilliant value.

The positioning of the Commander Pro and the Lighting Node Pro leaves a lot to be desired in regards to trying to connect a compatible Corsair fan in the rear-fan position - I'd have preferred them to be included but not attached/stuck on. Cable management features aren't too bad but can be a squeeze to fit everything into the cable bar.

Whilst the motherboard-side glass window closes fine, the other side only really magnetises on one corner and doesn't fit quite so securely. Not sure if this is a QA or general thing.

Power Supply

No complaints at all, and can't fault it. Definitely the best PSU maker; this one is no exception.

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Would really recommend putting this on a desk or somewhere where you could stare at it...

  • 8 months ago
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this build is beautiful, can you tell me a little more about your gpu and cpu temps and just how hot it gets inside the case? im starting my build with the 500d and im worried i'lll get extremely high temps