Gaming this things works great and outclasses my old FX 6300 and GTX 950 build wholesale. I see over twice the FPS, and with the 1080p monitor I was able to OC to 75Hz, and the 1600 reached 3.8 at 1.35 while the 1060 generally stays from 2025MHz to 2100MHz. Although I entered that the CPU reaches 75 under load, it only reaches a max of 55C in even the most CPU intensive games.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Great Cooler but I found it very hard to set up the Xbar properly so that it lined up with the screws from the backplate


Good board but I would like another couple fan headers. Also the bios was a bit buggy and I had to flash a beta bios to fix the issue so that I could OC. Otherwise, great for the price


Great kit, just wish the higher speed was on sale instead.


Great SSD, had no problems and when speed tested it matched the advertised speeds with ease.

Video Card

Great card but mine has a very noticeable coil whine under load, made worse by my case's mesh front panel. Still 5 stars however because the cooler keeps the card to 70 degrees at only 50% fan speed and it can push all the frames I need.


Great case for airflow, do wish it was slightly wider however. With the cables in the back of the motherboard I had no choice but to jam the side panel down while trying to slide it into place, because there was simply no place for the cables to go except through the cutout and there was not much clearance for the side panel.

Power Supply

Great unit, cables look very clean and I plan to carry this forward into future builds.


My favorite keyboard by far. I got this to replace my Razer Blackwidow Ultimate, and the length is much better for games which do not require the numpad(most). The Cherry MX Reds on this feel amazing and the layout of the keys feels very natural and comfortable to reach any key on the keyboard when typing in standard position.


Allowed me to use my bluetooth headset with a non- bluetooth motherboard and it works great. I can even walk across my house with music still playing so I can get hot pockets in between raid bosses.


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Awesome build +1, but I was surprised when I go to click on the 2nd photo, your case looks bright yellow instead of white.

  • 28 months ago
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That's my potato phone camera and the lighting. My phone camera is so weak it can't read a QR =P

  • 28 months ago
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Ouch!... lol

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Cool build mate. How did you find mounting c7? From the videos I've seen it.'s massive!

  • 28 months ago
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Was a bit hard to line up the screws with the holes on the cooler in the Xbar but once I had one it went easily from there. I also found it easier to mount the fan on the heat sink after since it would allow you to see the screws better.