This originally started as a free powerspec g210 that I got from my uncle in August 2014. When I got it, I bought a gigabyte 270x and the rosewill 550w power supply that I still use. The 270x was just a temporary card until I bought for $122 used off of ebay until I got more money because I'm a broke college student. The card worked great, but I definitely wanted a better card when I got the 144 Hz monitor. The first picture is of my old case that came with the free computer compared to my new case. Cable management isn't the best but its my first build that I've done. I really don't have any complaints with any of my parts as I researched everything before buying.

Now onto the individual parts:

The CPU, motherboard, 8 GB of RAM, and the two 1TB hard drives all came with with the free computer from my uncle and I still use them.

Not on the list:

Glorious xxl mouse mat: Decided to get a "desk pad" because I was tired of my old QCK mouse pad sliding around. It's 36x18 and I love it. Also helps prevent my desk from getting scratches on it. Would definitely recommend the brand to someone looking for bigger mouse pads, but they also have smaller ones.

Some 22 inch TV: Just a 1080p TV that I use as a second monitor.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Valentines gift from my girlfriend <3 Amazing CPU cooler that is super quiet.


Bought this back in the fall of 2012. Works great and gets 510 read and 425 write. I'm using this as my boot drive and some games.


Bought this 3/25/15 for $185 off of Newegg. This is my games drive mainly.

Video Card

Bought this mid January 2015. Amazing card no complaints.


Bought this early February from Microcenter after my girlfriend got me the CPU cooler because it didn't fit in my old case.

Power Supply

Just wanted a good, cheap semi modular power supply and this one fit those requirements.

Sound Card

Asus Xonar DG: Bought this because I was hearing noise from my motherboard when using the onboard sound. Sounds great and no complaints about it.


Christmas gift. Amazing monitor. I would recommend this monitor to anyone looking to get a 144 Hz monitor. 144 Hz looks amazing on fast paced games like Battlefield 4.


Bought this keyboard when it was released in August of 2013. Amazing keyboard and I love the red switches.


Bought this for $60 in April 2015 because the side buttons on my DeathAdder were starting to stick a little. This is an amazing mouse.


Birthday gift. Amazing headset. Sound quality is fantastic and the mic quality is also great. Definitely pricey, but worth it if you need a headset with a mic.

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Really nice. Taht valentine's day gift. She anted you to keep your cool...

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