This system is mainly used for gaming. I love this build, as it has absolutely no problems running any game I want it to at High-Ultra settings. It is relatively quiet, considering that I used SP instead of AF fans on the case. I was really impressed with the noise factor. I have my fans set to auto, and they never go louder than your typical AF fan. Everything was simple to install, and all of the parts work great together. Only thing I would recommend would be to use all MSI (or whatever brand you prefer) parts so that you can set everything to the same RGB modes, if you’re into that sort of thing.

I do apologize for the not so good pictures. The camera on my phone has been messed up for the past year and I've never gotten around to fixing it.

Part Reviews


An excellent CPU for gamers! So far, I have not had this chip max out, and it always runs smooth no matter what I am doing.

CPU Cooler

So far, this cooler has worked amazingly! It keeps the CPU cool, even under the most demanding tasks. Its a little difficult to install, and the manual isn't really that helpful, but other than that, it is an excellent product!


This board has a nice look to it, and the added MSI Mystic Light is a great touch! Easy to install, and easy access to all components.

Video Card

I went with the RTX 2080 for this build, because I wanted to have a card that is going to last a good while before needing to be updated. This card has impressed me quite well, and exceeded my expectations. The RGB customization on the EVGA Black is an added bonus that I absolutely love!


I chose the case because of the sleek design and bigger side view port, and, aesthetically, it's an excellent case, but functionally, I wish it had a few more qualities. First off, the lack of space for proper cable management isn't there, which caused quite the frustrating time trying to get everything organized. Second, I really wish it had more space for 2.5 Storage. Lastly, I believe that the case could be produced a little more sturdy. For the price, I can get a similar case built out of much stronger materials. The main place where you see the lower build quality is the removable side panels, they just aren't built as strong as other cases, at least in my experience.

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