This build is my daily PC which I use for research, report writing, web application content creation, and penetration testing (using a virtual Kali Linux machine).

I also use this PC to play all kinds of AAA games at 60fps/4k and watch Netflix.

It sits right next to me as I work so this build needs to be silent and have a small footprint, without compromising performance.

Most parts spent the first six months of their lives in a Thermaltake X71, a great case imo, which will now be used for server hosting or mining. I swapped the x71 out as my daily as it has no sound dampening and is too heavy to lug around to LANs.

GPU idle of 23c is 5c above ambient.


Changed the CPU cooler to a Noctua NH-U12A from the CoolerMaster ML360R to go completely silent. The current state of this build is the last photo.

New temps have improved:

  • GPU idle 19c, load 47c

  • CPU idle 26c, load 49c

Part Reviews


Was between this and the 2700X. The 2700X much better value etc. but personally I didn't want to buy into the AM4 platform and I wanted to be able to play around with over clocks and achieve low low temps. I also wanted the best gaming performance at 5.0ghz this matches the 9900k. This hasn't skipped a beat. The Kali Linux machine when running gets 4 cores/4 threads at 5.0GHz this is fine for me now but a 9900K (depending on price) or a 3900X may be in my future.

Took a star because of the inflated price compared to previous gens, this isn't great price/performance.

CPU Cooler

So my first unit was defective - the pump was really loud and sounded (much higher than the 16db rating) as if it was being actively damaged while operating. This seemed to be a common issue and I got a replacement no worries. As for performance it performs like any other 360 rad. I've removed the fans as whilst they're beautiful when running I'm not a massive fan of RGBs and to get the RGBs running you need to install a ridiculous amount of cables and connectors...wasn't worth it for me. However, they have a decent dB rating couldn't hear much of them. However, the Noctua AF12x25s perform a lot better in both temp and sound.


I'll admit it - I got tempted by the looks. I also found most of the mid range z390 boards to be ugly and I didn't want to step into an older platform. It was between this and the ASRock Taichi, either would have been fine.

However, I wanted a high end board with extra power delivery for more stable OCs, a stable SLI performance, m2 slots, lots of fan headers, etc. The features on this board are fantastic. BIOS and CMOS reset switches on the attached IO plate is fantastic.


I've used this RAM in all my builds for the last 4 years. Good price, good performance, good stability, no RGB ****.


Very good price/performance. Received AC:Odyssey (great game) with it.


I got this for $200AUD from officeworks new in some kind of sale which was a great deal at the time (still is?) although it was in an external portable enclosure, I took the enclosure off and put it straight in the PC.

Video Card

The new RX series is a little bit of a joke imo (I'm sorry, of course there are use cases but for gaming it was a let down). I couldn't justify spending $1600-2200AUD on a 2080ti for 20-30%+ performance over a 1080ti which had retailed for $1000AUD the previous 18 months. I could of spent $1300 on a RX2080 but didn't want NVIDIA to get my money for 1080ti performance and less memory. I decided to instead try buy two 1080tis second hand for SLI at $650 each (the cost of a single new RX2080 lol).

I purchased this card second hand for $800AUD in August 2019 and I absolutely love it. I had dreamt about owning one of these when they were new and retailed for $1300AUD and out of budget, so I didn't mind spending a bit more than budgeted for it, especially for the water cooling and condition I got it in. The overclocking is great (to 2200mhz, run daily at 1900mhz) and the temps are insanely good. I can't hear the blower fan either which is nice.


Replaced the much larger X71 with this. It is amazing. Tiny footprint, great temps due to front mesh panel (pls god let them stop making closed off fronts), and the capabilities seem endless. The configurations that can be made in this case at such a small size are fantastic, and I struggled to find a smaller full ATX case that also supported a 360 rad, with enough airflow to support one. There isn't much clearance for the HDD as I've got the 360 rad in the front. A push/pull config with the 360 would be possible without a bottom mounted HDD and a slightly shorter GPU, although I'm not worried as the temps are more than fine and I don't want to complicate the build.

I have room to put 2 fans in the top but I'll get round to that if I feel like it. It doesn't warrant it right now.

I think I may have got one of the last white versions in Australia so very happy with that. I don't mind the fact is just gone discontinued as I love all the features/performance/size of this case. I haven't really been impressed with much of the smaller ATX Computex 2019 cases as they're not performance focused, or don't have 360 rad support, or have ugly plain mesh (I had such high hopes for you, P400A).

Power Supply

Does it's job, however without ECO mod turned on this thing is LOUD. Fine in the Meshify C but in the X71 it was barely tolerable. Way too loud for such a premium PSU. I kind of wish I went Seasonic but I like the fact that it comes with nice single braided cables.

Case Fan

Best of the best. Worth the price absolutely. These spin at 2000rpm and are rated for 18-22db, in dead silence you can only just hear them over the ml3600r 16db water pump (with the PC on the desk).

They come with warranty for 7 years, are super durable, come with extension cables, low noise adapters (ill test these one day and decide if the performance decrease is worth the sound decrease), rubber linings for isolated airflow on rads, and PWM control.

The performance on these is the best I've seen, and Noctua recommends these fans as the best choice for ANY application. I have to agree with them.

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  • 10 months ago
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nice build

  • 10 months ago
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Nice build

  • 10 months ago
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Ecin dliub

  • 8 months ago
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How are the read/write speeds on your Seagate Barracuda? I want to know because i'm stuck to chose between it and a Seagate IronWolf NAS 6TB hard drive. Nice build btw

  • 8 months ago
  • 2 points

I can't give you an exact figure but I use it for massive media storage/rainbow tables and it hasn't skipped a beat. Half my steam library is on this hard drive and it performs fine for gaming.

  • 8 months ago
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Thank you!