Introduction: This was made possible by my uncle who gave me his own pc parts. He now has an I7 6800K and he kept his Gigabyte GTX 770.

Notebook: The Notebook that i used for 4 years and what i wrote this text with, it's actualy not bad even if it runs at 1.4GHZ

CPU cooler: Two fan cooler, has dust everywhere i look, couldn't clean it well.

Case: Was little easier to clean but I cut myself about a dozen times with the sharp aluminum. Gonna buy a new case soon.

PSU: Some noise but it's okay, by the way it's 650w for half of the normal price in Brazil! Fans: They were pretty dusty as well and i had to cut myself a few more times.

Just to be clear i spent 350 EUR in the graphics card and in the Storage and 300 reais (100 dollars) in the PSU. That's the only money I spent, the rest was all gifted to me. Already had the TV keyboard and mouse.

Benchmarks: 523 cb and 85.82 fps in cinbench R15 ; 3607 in time spy

Part Reviews


Processor: The i7 920 was bought in portugal in 2009 at least i think so. Pretty good CPU and its pretty old too. it might last 2 more years, but by then i will have some money and i will buy a 16 core and 32 Threads Zen CPU, AM4 MOBO and DDR4 RAM (I'm so hyped!).


Motherboard: Nothing special, it's an UD3 gigabyte.


Random Access Memory: I put 16GB @1600 megahertz, but my RAM its truly at @ 800MHz and it's DDR3 memory but it wasn't showing on PCPP RAM list so i put that in the place. BTW my ram is blue and is G. Skill so, Match!


Storage: Got the SAMSUNG 750 PRO 250GB for 47 EUR about 20 US$ cheaper than in PCPP USA (price the moment i checked 74 dollars) bought in Europe.


Storage: Got the Seagate 1TB for 45 EUR

Video Card

Graphics Card: At the time there wasn't any custom cooled GFX cards like the Red Devil so i bought amd original fan cooler (eeew) i bought it in the 17th of July. ps: if the 1060 was out i would have bought it. Bought in Europe.

Operating System

It's Professional isn't it?


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Im not sure if your even still active on here but I was just looking at some old parts and decided to look at old 1st gen i7's and stumbled across this, and for what it is its pretty nice, and not much of a point to but if you were to get a new mobo that still supports DDR3 or just commit an upgrade to DDR4, and get a new CPU it wouldn't be a bad machine