My old workstation but unfortunately I had to sell it... :( I only kept the monitor really like it planning to get 27" dell ultrasharp for my next pc Changed parts: 1. OCZ Solid3 120gb sata3 ssd (not so proud of my choice) 2. Corsair Vengeance 2x4Gb DDR3 1600Mhz Cl9 (friend of mine offered me a change for the corsair and some extra $ )

Overall I was very happy with this rig nothing to complain about except the ocz ssd ... The rig cost me near 900~ pounds back then in my country ( I don't live in UK)

Part Reviews


Really impressed with that cpu back in the days when it was new... good overclock and cool temps.

CPU Cooler

Maybe the best air cooling solution nothing else to add.


?wesome motherboard lot's of features good overclock for that price


Very happy with G.Skill swap nothing else to say except that they're very pricey in my country


The best ssd drives out there!

Video Card

I don't have a anything special to say about this card I bought it only to have some decent gpu when I want to play something...


Generally good case not quite good for watercooling builds. I was planning to buy a HAF 912 Advanced but they didn't have it when I was buying this rig...


Best IPS monitor for that money at least in my country :)

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Wow no comments? Well until now

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You are from Argentina, aren't you?