Background I enjoy building things, from hobby models, simple electronics, to firearms, and PCs. It was over 16 years between my first two PC builds, and I can definitely say that I've got an itch to build computers on my spare time.

I started out on this build doing an unhealthy amount of research to find a decently priced machine that I could put together that would perform pretty well at just about any task that could be thrown at it. I wasn't sure where to start on this build until I got an ad from Micro Center in my email. So that day after work, I headed over and picked up these parts, except for the video card (I had that sitting around after my first build). As you can see, I got a really good deal on the CPU/Motherboard combo and paid about retail for the rest.

Build This build went way more smoothly than my last one! I was able to put it together in about an hour with little to no issues. I can definitely see why the NZXT cases are so popular, they look good and they're easy to work with. Cable management was not difficult at all, and I was able to store the unused cables from the power supply in the case's "basement"

Conclusion I'm quite pleased with the way this build turned out. I'm curious on what kind of price-per-dollar performance I can get out of this, mainly because my brother has hinted that he wanted to get into PC gaming and this might make for a good early birthday present for him.


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very fine cable management! Didn't even register the basement at first.

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Pretty Solid $500 rig you got there