Still working on OC tweaking with DDR4 frequency that's not yet an approved sku for motherboard but otherwise at stock frequency system stable, cool, & silky smooth. Latest BIOS update performed without any hitches. Will continue to update BIOS waiting/hoping for improved DDR4 compatibility with AMD AX370 platform.

ALL current gen Adobe CC programs running in "OMG" full res no proxy mode.

Drives: 960 Pro 512 M.2 = All Adobe & Applications Software; 850 Pro 256 Sata III = OS only; Firecuda 2TB SSD/HDD Hybrid 7200RPM Sata III = Active File Storage; Barracuda 2TB 7200RPM Sata III = Standard File Storage; External USB 3.0 = Backup

Since build did in fact involve current purchase of new monitors those costs are included here as well. 100% sRGB 2k 60hz Primary Editing & 100% sRGB 4k 60hz Secondary Playback. Perhaps more investment on upgraded full professional monitors in future but these cost effective options certainly worthy of the system build.

And as for all the RGB, well... That was just for fun. And the verdict is... It IS fun!

More OC stats to come while under load.

PS - Not a gamer, or at least not since that brutal 2 year WoW timesink back in '04 shutters - my GF literally moved out while I was in a raid group and for which I did not /leaveraid. True story.

Part Reviews

Case Fan

Just right balance of RGB excitement alongside fan quality and build stealth.

Case Fan

Just right balance of RGB excitement alongside fan quality and build stealth.

Case Accessory

I maxed the two rear outputs out for this controller, or just about, with 4x NZXT Aer fans (5x is max per output), and 4x NZXT Hue+ Led Strips (4x is max per output) and have zero interoperability issues. Also, NZXT's "CAM" software controller is one of the easiest dashboards to use for RGB control. Its also great that separate presets can be applied to each output simultaneously. For example Fans can run on color spectrum while LED strips can be static, run fade, etc. Note - fans and LED strips cannot be on the same output chain.


Incredible quality and feel with all aluminum body and braided usb connectors. The lighting is spot on and plenty of modes in control panel so that even when on 100% of the time doesn't become distracting or tiresome. One note, is that I exchanged the Cherry/Brown as being much too audible in favor of the Cherry/Red for that 'just right' click.


I dabbled with more current wireless/bluetooth makers/models from Home Audio sector, but for PC, this (now 1000W) beast reigns king. When combined with the on-board X-Fi5 HD Audio on the Aorus AX370 K7 motherboard - the result is pure symphonic heaven. Not too mention the price value for THX certified speakers! If looking for high-end audio receiver-like quality with nothing short of studio playback for your PC that has 3 jack analog connectivity for 5.1 - THIS!


Simple. Elegant. Perfect solution for a specific need.


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That is very impressive tube routing for the radiator tubing. I don't see many builds with all RAM slots occupied and the radiator tubing for the Kraken on the right side.

  • 27 months ago
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The DDR4 ram stick is about 1mm wider on each side for the RGB fender flare portion of the unit only, but then the main body narrows. It just so happens that the pump intake/outtake elbows at the processor sit just below that fender so long as the elbows aren't facing outward - with not even 1mm to spare. Had to find the sweet spot during POST where no pressure was exerted back onto the processor unit. Good eye for detail!

  • 27 months ago
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That is a VERY INTERESTING SETUP you got there!!! I like it...a lot!!!

  • 26 months ago
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Update after a smooth 9/1/17 updated v. "F6" BIOS Flash; XMP Profiling Enabled and DDR4 Kit stable at 2933 MT/s.

  • 25 months ago
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Great build dude!

(btw: that's my dream cpu/cpu cooler/mobo/gpu combo, so i immediately am very jealous)

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