This was my first build. It was a little daunting at first due to the price tag and never having done anything like this before but I absolutely love it so far. The motherboard performs well but it does give me a bit of an issue on the first startup after having power disconnected. After this first startup it works flawlessly. The CPU always performs well and OC's very nicely. It does run pretty warm but the cooler can wrangle the temps down fairly quickly. The GPU works well and has impressed me with every single game or GPU intensive program I have thrown at it. It has also done great during VR gaming and lets the Valve Index run at 144hz with no hiccups. The Case looked phenomenal and though I do have a cat and a dog and I imagine the hair may get annoying with an open case, I think it will be very easy to clean based on how easy it is the disassemble . This case keeps everything cool and seems like it will be a fantastic platform for a custom loop I am planning to do.

Part Reviews


OC's very good but does run pretty warm. I have seen a few peaks up to 92 C while doing relatively mundane tasks but typically it idles around 35-40 C and at load it sits around 70 C. Intrigued to see where temps go once I do a custom loop

CPU Cooler

Keeps the warm I9-9900K at a reasonable temperature and quickly stops and jumps in temperature during CPU intensive situations


The motherboard performs great for OCing but for some reason I have a persistent issue after completely powering off the computer, If power is completely disconnected the computer will crash multiple times on boot up requiring manual restarts until eventually it will go into "Automatic Repair" and crash one more time. After this chain of events it will boot up and continue to boot up fine as long as the power supply is not switched off or unplugged.

Video Card

This card works as well as one would expect. It is one of the best cards available right now and it performs like it. The extra large cooler does its job and even during a full load stress test it will rarely go over 75 C. With Precision X1 I was able to achieve an OC to 2100 MHz after playing around for a while. I imagine a more experienced OCer could do better but I am more than happy with those numbers. It isn't that loud even with an aggressive fan curve. I am also interested to see where temps end up when I do a custom loop


A lot of room for customization and custom cooling. The instructions are pretty vague and you mostly have to just guess what to do but the assembly isn't terrible. It looks fantastic though


Key presses feel good and responsive. Nice and quiet for people who are looking for a quality nonmechanical keyboard


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Glorious Index gaming setup

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Thank you! It has been lots of fun. VR is such a great experience.

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Have you had any luck getting the motherboard to startup after complete power off? I typically shut down my PC completely and am looking to build a new PC in the next few months. I'm considering this motherboard and the msi Meg ace but this issue has me very worried. I've seen a lot of this around

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I have not. I personally don't feel it is that big of an issue as i just shut the computer down instead of completely powering it off. I imagine you could contact gigabyte and ask about the issue and there is probably a decent explanation and fix. I just updated to the newest bios and have not tried to see if it fixed it. I will be installing my new cable extensions tonight so I will update if it has fixed the issue or not.

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Any updates?