This is my first build ever, since coming from a mac book pro laptop for about 5 years and a older computer from about 12 years. I used some of the older parts like the hard drive, and optic DVD drive from my older computer and had some parts like the CPU and Memory sticks were given to me as a Christmas present from someone that was not using it. I also bought the computer case and a different brand of power supply from the list used for a discount, and the SSD from Microcenter. I was lucky and got the video card from New Egg from a sale, so I am happy that I got it for the price since I only had a budget of about $600 and I was able to get windows 10 installed from my school for free. Over all I am happy with it and I am glad that I was able to put everything together with some advice from other people.

Part Reviews


I was able to get this used, and I think it works fine. I have not over clocked it and this is my first PC so I do not really know how "Fast or Good" it could be compared to another CPU.

CPU Cooler

I think installing it on the motherboard was the most nervous and confusing part for me when I first built my PC and it almost looked like it would touch the side of my computer case, but it did not. I have not overlocked with it, so I am not sure if it is good for it or not.


I think it was a bit overpriced with what I payed for it, but it was one of the only few motherboards available and compatible for the CPU I had. I have not over clocked the CPU, but it probably could do it. I had a bit of a tricky time aligning the motherboard with the IO shield in the case. Compared to other higher model motherboards for the same price It could have had a few more features with built in Wifi and Bluetooth, but it does its job by being a motherboard and that is fine for me and what I needed it for.


I was able to get this used, and I think it does a good job, prices for ram have gone up, and I do not really see the point in getting more ram for this type unless I could get it cheaper. If I change to a different CPU later then I would have to change the motherboard and get the right ram that goes with it.


This is the first SSD I have ever used, the speed when I start up my computer is almost instantaneous. The only gripe I had was when I got it I think it just had 230 GB not 250 GB, I am not sure how that compares to some others SSD or Hard Drives, but I did feel a bit let down with that.

Video Card

I got this for my first PC build and I was able to get this for a very good price, but in this graphics shortage prices have increased currently. It plays all the games that I have wanted to play, and even though it is called "Mini", I still thought it was pretty big, but it is not long like other graphic cards I have seen. I do not think any of these graphic cards are worth the current price, so hopefully it can go back to normal prices.


I bought this from a electronics store used, and it has 2 optical disc slots with most modern PC cases removing them now, and enough room to fit all my stuff. I made the mistake with putting in the motherboard first and then the CPU fan, luckily it had a hole in the back when mounting the motherboard so it made putting on the CPU fan easier, and it was a bit hard when I tried connecting all the cables with the power supply to the motherboard with the top of the case being in the way. It was lighter then I thought it would be and not that heavy after I put everything inside of it. Over all it is a decent case, not super flashy, but keeps everything inside.


I would have like it more if the connection could have been stronger since I use the keyboard a bit far away from the PC (it is wireless after all), It feels light, and it works and that what matters.

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