Pros: - The fractal design case looks sick and well put together. - LOVE THE CABLE MANAGEMENT OPTIONS! - MSI B450 provides great audio and ports - Ryzen 2600 is quick and really worth every dollar - First time ever working with an M.2 drive. Love how fast it is! - The stock cpu cooler that comes with the Ryzen looks pretty nice which is something I did not expect out of a stock cooler.

Cons: - PNY 1060 GB scores less than average on most tests. Definitely not worth the price I paid for it ($350.00) - Case came with bent 3.5" drive trays, wasn't difficult to bend back into shape but worth noting. - mobo could have used 2 more USB Ports and ditched the old mouse/keyboard port - For a $100 case I would have liked a second intake fan on the front of the case. - Memory didnt run at 3000mhz right out of the box. I needed to manually up its speed to 3000mhz with the correct timings however that maybe my limited experience with PC building. - The Ram lacks a heatsink but works just fine. I rather would have payed the extra 20 for a set that came with a heatsink

Part Reviews


Worth every penny. Also look out for sales and promotions every other day.


Lightning fast! Picked it up for a good price too!


This drive is a champ, although with the SSD price drops this may be a tough sell


Works great as a mechanical drive however I do not notice any difference with my other mechanical drive when it comes to speed.

Video Card

Great card, does the job, however for the price you can easily find better in 2019.


Like the compact but tall design. The cable management is a dream. The 3.5" drive trays are pretty flimsy though and came bent in the box but they were easy to bend back into place. (ordered new from Amazon)


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Really surprised you didn't go with a sata M.2 since they are so cheap now and less work honestly. Nice build though. I love my Meshify C.