After 2 years I have finally saved up enough money to build this gaming pc. It crushes games and it doesn't even use up 100% of my gpu when playing some games! (If anyone knows a fix please state below because on some games I get 45-60 fps and the gpu is at 50%) I can finally play games without having to look at the minimum system requirements on steam, and the ssd is very fast.

Part Reviews


This cpu is amazing! I was originally thinking of getting an i5 but I am so much happier after I got this

CPU Cooler

This thing is huge, but keeps my cpu cooler very cool and it isn't loud at all


This motherboard is very nice. It has a lot of usb ports aswell as a usb 3.1 which is very nice to have.


Very nice memory, does the job


This is amazing (coming from a harddrive user) Things load up very fast and booting into windows is insane. On my old harddrive I had to wait and normally watched a youtube video on my phone to wait for it, but this thing just does it in 30 seconds.


This thing is huge and I don't ever think I'll use up all of the space on it, and its only 60 dollars so very nice for the money.

Video Card

This card is amazing. Its fairly quiet under load and is the card is HUGE!


Case is nice, and I loved the tool free drive cages, because I can just slot in my harddrive and have it work without needing a screwdriver! I would highly recommend for any first time builder.

Power Supply

Great psu for the money, although, as a first time builder I would have gotten semi modular as it is just a lot easier in my opinion xD

Operating System

Fast, easy to install, but taking off one star for cough cough Cortana using up too much ram cough cough


Great monitor if you can get it for 300 dollars. I can't see any pixels from a few feet back. I also overclocked it to 75hz so that is a plus too


Great keyboard for the money, and I love the clickeyness and the fact that they keys are on top of the keyboard and stop when they hit the surface at the top rather than going into the keyboard.


Great mouse, great tracker, and also rgb!


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What is the games you play that get less fps?

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Counter Strike I am only getting around one hundred and when I look at gpu usage it is only around 30 to 40%. This goes for all other games except euro truck simulator 2 and playerunknowns battlegrounds

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I have a Pentium G4600, GTX MSI 1060 6GB at 2,145Core and 4,725Memory Clocks. I play CS:GO on Everything Ultra and even the little Settings Maxed out too. Every map I well above 200+ FPS with a average of a 4Hour play time it is 150-170FPS. You should be getting well above even what I have. You can look at my build list on my Watercooled one, which is the newest update that I have out till I get a i7-8700k. But even then, I have a Ultra wide 29in and a 23.8in 1080p from dell. These both being used at same time lose about 0-8fps depending on game (because your GPU is rendering 2 displays). Oh I also forgot, when I play CSGO on your same res, which i also have, I get 140-200 so the dip in res is still there too. You need to see what is causing issues, also XBOX thing does that with CSGO, so I recommend disabling it unless you use that.