After using a cheap all in one for multiple years and getting sick and tired of low frames, I decided to do something about it. I made this build for gamedev and gaming purposes. Also i made it glows b u r p l e so thats a big plus!

The reason the backplate and wallpaper say “Fatem.019” is because thats the name of the game i’ve been developing! You can catch occasional updates here!

The Fatem.019 logo, and the portrait wallpaper i’m using are both by the extremely talented Endesga, you can check his stuff out here!

Also before you all yell at me at my cpu heatsink choice, i like low profile coolers, and i acknowledge i could have picked a better one, but I really like how this one looks.

(I’m really busy with finals and stuff right now so I don’t really have time to put the temps up, i’ll get to it later! Maybe... ¯_(ツ)_/¯ )

↓ Part Reviews ↓

Part Reviews


A great cpu for my performance range.

CPU Cooler

Probably my favorite part in the entire build. This cooler lands somewhere in between a SFF and a non-SSF cooler. it doesn’t fit in a lot of SFF cases, and in a non-SSF build it should provide “okay” cooling as long as you don’t have an extremely powerful cpu. If your making a non-SFF build and are not partially basing your choice in cpu cooler on looks, I strongly advise you to look for something else.


A really solid mobo, don’t be driven away by the light- you can turn it off in bios.


Pairs well with Ryzen 5 2600, would recommend.


Cheap sdd by WD, works fine for my os and programs.


This isn’t just a hard drive, This is THE hard drive.

Video Card

Great card for my performance range. I didn’t get the 8gb version because I don’t need anything higher than 1080p, and because i don’t do that much GPU intensive gaming anyways. Also, it looks really clean and simple. its not some weird polygon shape with ugly red highlights.


Nice clean and simple case thats amazing to do cable management in.

Power Supply

Really nice PSU, the quality and certification is surprising for the price!

Operating System

I used windows 8.1 for 4 years, i sure was missing out haha. So much better.


The setup was super simple, and daisy chaining them was super easy as well. The colors look amazing right out of the box and the bezel is practically invisible! It’s great for graphic design and it’s pretty good for gaming too. Be aware though: it works fine for light to medium gaming but when playing games with more powerful graphics the tiniest amount of screen tear may be present. It’s barely noticeable, but if you feel like it would bug you, this might not be the best choice for you.


Moving from a chiclet keyboard, this is so much better, the button presses feel great! Sadly i had to take away 2 stars for a squeaky spacebar :/


Really nice for making macros for graphic design or game development programs. Works good with certain games and feels badass to play games with.


Nice pair of headphones i received as a gift, they provide great sound quality.


Didn’t just put these on my parts list for the meme, I actually went out and got a bag bc was hungry lmao


Fits my mouse, keyboard and gaming keypad.


It’s a nice mic with good audio quality but the clip doesn’t fit on all monitors, the clip itself will slide off at times, so i made a custom stand for it to solve that issue.


Most comfortable controller i’ve ever held. I got one of the earlier versions near the launch of the switch so there are a few technical issues, but it shouldn’t be a problem for anyone else buying the newer revised versions.


The video quality and the webcam both look really good, the webcam was a bit larger than i was expecting though, but its no big deal


A Totally unique way to light up your build, it looks phenomenal and its a great option for people who don’t want to deal with positioning light strips.


Visitors give me weird looks when they see this tiny wireless travel mouse sitting next to a giant gaming pc, to be honest its just because i have really small hands. I normally have to change the battery out twice a year, which is a big plus for me.


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The most important part for a PC of course. G U M M I E S

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Ayyy u know it (☞'v')☞