This is going to be used for Driving and Flying Simulator and Gaming

This build took me a long time to complete, just because it took forever to get certain parts, but finally it is done.

One of the challenges was doing the Bios update to get the Z370 motherboard ready for the 9700k processor. After finishing the update, I came to realise this could probably have been done without using a 8 gen processor to do the update, but did not want to risk having any problems, so I did it the long way.

The wiring for all the components of this unit can get a bit confusing, so I posted the actual wiring diagram on the TT Community site. I only wish the Motherboard had one more USB 9 pin socket, but I made do with just running the front plate USBs to one of the controller extensions.

I have now added the coolant yet I need one more bottle. This was my first time working with carbon fibre, so I was not sure how I wanted to do the "Tube" work, but I think it is a nice touch.

I am adding a 3.5" touch screen, but the case I ordered broke, so still waiting for a new one.

Overall, building on an open frame, makes things pretty easy, so no real challenges. Feel free to ask any questions.

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  • 11 months ago
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Very nice build but please dont use that coolant!! Ive used it before and it blocked up my GPU and CPU.

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