Note, this is my first ever pc build. Originally my plan was to build something to be able to actually play the game Batman Arkham Knight, which is the reason for the name I chose. I plan to use this computer for school work, gaming, probably recording for Youtube and streaming (private streams w/ friends). I'm going to be playing games like SotTR, AC: Odyssey & Origins, GTA V, Dark Souls, Overwatch, Arkham Knight, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (when it comes out), and many more.

I mostly had trouble getting the motherboard inside the case properly and it didn't help that I don't have steady hands. I'm 90% sure I aligned it incorrectly with the I/O shield. The Corsair H115i PRO wasn't compatible with this case since I wasn't able to get the 2 140mm fans behind the rad. The radiator was conflicting with the shield for the front panel connectors which gave me so much trouble. Cable management isn't too bad but it's not the best either and I could have done so much better. So now the liquid cooler has a few dents and scratches but not really visible.

A problem I had was I thought one of the memory sticks was DOA, since I couldn't post with them both in, and eventually ended up taking one out (which worked of course) And for some reason the 2nd stick worked after resetting the bios, messing around with stuff, etc. As of now, the LED on the I/O Shield/Heatsink stopped working properly and I'm not sure what to do other than leave it.

I kind of feel bad I didn't have an overall theme other than Black and Silver but I mostly care about the specs.

Edit: I finally fixed the LED on the motherboard, i just had to plug the connector back in. . . Was a pain in the *** to get inside.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Honestly I am very happy with my decision to get this cooler. My CPU stays very cool at idle and under load. I can't really say anything bad about it since I've had no problems other than it conflicting with my case with the fans behind the rad.

Video Card

This GPU barely even needs to have its fans spin, and for my needs it does the job really well.


This case was sort of hard to cable manage in, but I managed it. Overall this case fit my needs and is a very great budget case to have. For a budget case, it was really well built and has a very good paint job.


  • 12 months ago
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would you recommend the h100i pro to avoid problems?

  • 11 months ago
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Problems like what exactly?

  • 11 months ago
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I think he means the height of the radiator hitting the IO shield. Does switching the 140mm fans to the front of the rad solve the problem? Did you still hit the IO shield even with this setup?

  • 11 months ago
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So sorry for the extremely late reply. Yes, I was unable to put the fans behind the radiator with the rad mounted directly to the front case screw holes. I had to put the fans first in front of the radiator and have the rad facing the other components. I don't think this makes an extremely large difference, but the only problem was that I had no idea I couldn't do this, leading to scratches.