Pretty happy with how it turned out! My friend sold me a few parts to get started. An Asus ROG Crosshair V Formula-Z mobo with an AMD FX 8350, a Gigabyte GTX 970, a Corsair H105 AIO liquid cooler, and some 24GB DDR3 RAM (a mix of Rip Jaw and Vengeance sticks). I bought the case (a Fractal Design G mid tower), a non-modular PSU (Corsair CX 80+ bronze 750), a Kingston SSD, and an Arctic 120mm case fan for the rear. I also threw in an TP-Link AC1300 WiFi adapter. The motherboard died after my first boot. Everything seemed fine and then all of a sudden it powered down. When I tried to start it back up, it wouldn't POST, with Q code FF. I tried to troubleshoot the thing for 3 days before reality sunk in that it was shot. So I had all these AM3 parts, and not a huge budget, so I bought an ASRock 970A-G ATX mobo and swapped out the Asus with it. So far. So good! I haven't overclocked it or anything yet, but it runs all the games I've tried it with pretty well. Even easily able to sustain 60 FPS in Path of Exile on ultra settings, dipping down to 40 when the screen gets super cluttered. I haven't done a proper benchmark, but it seems to be working great. Even though it's "old tech," I'm pretty happy to get something like this going with just YouTube videos and manuals.

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  • 8 months ago
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Good job on your first build and completing it looks good. The FX-8350 still a capable chip used have one in a build not long ago. Only sad part ever plan to upgrade have to get all new mobo, ram, and CPU. Which is what I ended up doing. Enjoy it man. Welcome to the master race.

  • 8 months ago
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Thanks! Yeah, I know it's not future-proofed, but it'll suit my needs for now. I won't mind building another rig when the time comes.