Initially this was going to be a gaming build with the G5400 as a placeholder for the 9600K however I changed my mind and went Ryzen 2600. So I had the CPU/MB/RAM/Cooler & PSU for the gaming build but since I went in a different direction with this build I had these parts laying around. One of my friends told me he needed a system for his kids schoolwork so I put everything together with the case that I grabbed from a local Microcenter and found my old SSD that still worked and presto, the Homework Build!

I was pleasantly surprised with the case, for $35 the case is excellent to build in and has multiple magnetic filters which was a nice surprise. The build is fast due to the SSD and suits there needs perfectly.

Last minute edit, had two EVGA GTX 550 ti 2gb collecting dust so I put them into the system, added a final pic of the inside.

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  • 17 months ago
  • 2 points

that's pretty cool. I wonder how the dual 550tis hold up in esports

  • 17 months ago
  • 1 point

Downloaded the newest drivers (March 2018) and the system handles Fortnite well @medium settings @900P/60hz however Fortnite doesn't have SLI drivers so only one card is used. Unfortunately I think that's going to be the case with most of his kids games as SLI support isn't as good as it used to be. But it's still better then having both cards collect dust on the shelf and at least a single 550 ti is much better then the iGPU on the G5400 (HD 610).

  • 8 months ago
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Could throw in a RX 560 from Ebay for $50-75 as well.